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  1. Verysleepy2k8

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    Be the next cod by the time the problems are fixed and it'll start all over again...
  2. Verysleepy2k8

    downgraded back to R1 firmware

    This isn't fair if people with nitehawk are stuck on dumaos with its problems and R1 are reverting back problem free......
  3. Verysleepy2k8

    Host Migration

    I get this all the time too. Xr500 gets connected to listen peer servers all the time .....
  4. Verysleepy2k8

    Paid 280 for this

    I am set at 900km covering UK and Europe. Just sometimes it takes forever, certain game modes just won't connect, yet I'm pretty sure there's people playing HC Dom in the UK during the day lol. It's like treyarch are spreading load no matter what, so netdumas trying to put me on UK or Europe but treyarch is saying nope need a diff server those are full thus it takes forever
  5. Verysleepy2k8

    Paid 280 for this

    Sorry but the hell am I paying for if geofilter takes 10 minutes to find a match, backs out of lobbies, disconnects, can't connect to cod servers and sits on contacting servers for half an hour... When the second I turn off the whole reason for buying the modem, everything works fine. Geofilter and blackout? Lol not even going to attempt it. So I'll have to continue on spectating mode connecting halfway across the world until this works? This should be a priority and I realise some of it is treyarch fault but even people going back to old firmware are improving, yet us xr500 people are screwed and have to wait months for a cloud update and ping assist? And yes my settings are perfect. Just fed up. Was fine on night one.
  6. Verysleepy2k8

    lost connection to host

    This happens when someone quits. Peer hosting. I just got it after a FFA win at 30 kills. Connection interrupted then lost connection to host.
  7. Verysleepy2k8

    XR500 Migrating Host/ Server disconnects

    When it migrates it's obviously connecting to a new host outside my filter which makes sense. My question is why am I not connecting to dedicated servers but listen servers
  8. Hey guys I'm the proud owner of an XR500, now I've had it since day 2 of BO4. I've spent hours researching and I understand how it all works, also understand that black ops 4 are spreading players to crap servers to keep the load while games launched. This was proven when I turned off geofilter and got a game immediately in USA. So Im from Scotland, but there's only a server in England, so I've been setting my geofilter to cover most of Europe and the British server, well around 800km. So that I get a game quicker... However the sheer amount of times midgame I'm getting migrating host then booted out is demoralising. Apparently this means my net is shit and their putting me on listen servers? Wtf? Also I randomly get crashed out now and again with disconnected from cod servers. I lose all stats if this happens. Unsure if this is cod related or router but I think it's on bo4s end. Also all my problems go away when I go spectating mode. I assume this is turning off geofilter? Then again second I do that the game becomes a sweat fest. Settings are 70 70, 800km covering UK France etc, have 3 PS4 devices set up all with around 30 percent up and down allocated each. I'm on. 350mb down 23mb upload virgin media. Also I've noticed the ping checker rarely updates when in a server, it just sits at loading and then will occasionally ping but it's always a disgusting 150.. lowest I've seen was like 70. Anyways sorry for long post just curious if I've done everything right as I assume the time to get in game etc is due to black ops 4s server spread.. what can they change on their end that will allow a geofilter set device to match quicker? Cheers for replies.