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  1. aka_boogo

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    so playing MP TDM and cant find a game... just keeps telling me that the lobby is not able join. Trying removing device and flush with no luck... However when i move with device to spectate mode i join a peer game that was outside my geofilter setting, constant 20-30 ping and no dropouts... based in japan... I doubt that i would be getting that kind of connect from Brisbane to japan... I go back to filter and same again unable to join lobby... i have 13 servers saved in my allow list all based in Sydney Australia. it like something is a miss with server locations or server updates that messing with this game and maybe with the cloud updates??? if anyone else has something that they do please share i fell like i'm wasting too much time on tuning this and not playing... Thx in advance...
  2. aka_boogo

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    If the remove device and then flush cloud doesn’t work try putting the device into spectate mode... it appears to me that you’ll connect to peers that are far away outside the geo-filter but if you have ping assist on you’ll see the ping closer to what you’re usally accustomed to seeing when it works great. So I’m guessing that there’s some issue with the servers, whatever that looks like, Treyarch or duma’s cloud, something needs to be updated...
  3. Well whatever they said previously about connection is king isn’t the case for this game... 3 out of the 4 solo BO games had me playing games half way across the world... 😭 V laggy MP TDM pings were around 20-30ms but peers not servers and we’re in places like japan Africa and Europe so can’t be sure that’s a true reflection of where they are at...
  4. Ok thanks mate going to give that a try again... Tried flushing and removing device with no luck.. will try just placing the console into spectator mode...
  5. Hey Guys, Apologies guys if this has been answered or stated before, how do I disable the geo-filter? Is it just a matter of the untucking the strict mode box? Do I need to move my ps4 pro into spectating mode? Live in Australia and the servers are based in Sydney, again finding it hard to find games tonight especially BO Solo games. Knowing that I should connect to the servers based in Sydney I wanna know if this is any faster? The reason I ask is because I’ve tried this with no luck... this really slow... any input appreciated. Cheers
  6. aka_boogo

    Recording ping results from sessions

    Nice thanks!!! Even if the recorded info just has an upper and lower values for the current time you were connected to that host with anverage ping recorded to help understand what’s stable what isn’t so much... I have 15 or so dedicated servers address recorded in my allow list (all based in Sydney Australia)and I’m sure some do play better that others... Maybe come to think of it you could have 2 sets of recorded values, one recording the current time you’re connected to the server/host and then a total time recorded, so you could understand the difference between the current session and what it looks like historically...
  7. Ummm I have it agree I’m amazed how much detail people will go into when adding their “phallic” custom emblems on CoD games... 😳😂
  8. aka_boogo

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    Apologies forgot to quote as above^^^ or anyone else how is an Aussie DumaOS user...
  9. aka_boogo

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    Ok yeah didn’t take that into consideration I don’t think Australia has ever had 2 dedicated servers at least to my knowledge... Could I ask, how long does it take to get into a game? MP / BO? Sometimes it can take some time especially BO. I don’t know if this is true but sometimes I grab the pointer for the geo filter and move it slightly while the game is searching and then I find a game... I know we’re not meant to but I’m starting to get the impression that this helps...
  10. Hey Team, not to sure if this has been mentioned before but I’ll mention it... Wondering if there is or maybe in the future having the ability to record the information from the live ping so you could further analyse the info from sessions playing a game so to further weed out any potential servers / peers that may not play as well as others? it kind of hard to play a game and noting what the ping is doing at the same time... 😂😂😂 Apologise if this has been mentioned before...
  11. aka_boogo

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    No worries glad to hear, but I can’t take any credit as this was posted originally by the admin team...I just found myself continually doing it before sessions which now has died down a far bit... I have been setting all dedicated servers I find (all in Sydney or very close to it) to allow all very consistent 20-25ms pings some are a little more all over the place than others but in reality no that bad... i note that the same servers do MP games as well BO games as I thought this maybe different for the different game types... One other thing to note is I have set my geo filter to the middle of Australia and pull out the ring to cover all of it, and continue to connect to Sydney servers both ones that I have already come across and new ones (I’m up to 13 servers based in Sydney now on my allow list) however, I believe the there another server based in south Australia but I’m yet to connect anything there so I can’t report what they are like for me (guessing it would be a little worse than the Sydney as it’s a bit further away) I'm really looking forward to the next milestone being the new ping assist... keep you posted with anything else I find that’s relative to Australia and east coast more accurately...
  12. thanks Fraser will check it out...
  13. aka_boogo

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    Hey guys so quick update it seems as if the dedicated servers are appearing again for both MP & BO options... not sure what’s going on maybe there some sort of issue yesterday arvo (Brisbane time) but will keep you posted for the next few days to see if there is any trends that may appear... regarding downgrading the firmware when I was on the original firmware I didn’t seem to have any issues it was only when I upgraded to DumaOS, that being said it could be a coincidence with the timing of the issues and upgrade... cheers
  14. aka_boogo

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    Hey guys just hopped on now, no luck, MP or BO... I've tried deleting and flushing as described above with no luck.... the odd peer pops up just outside my geo filter range then disappears... thats about it. will read so of the other post to see if there is a remedy
  15. Ohh ok, maybe I’ll try 70/70 see how things play out... it’s my upload I’m concerned about because sometimes I’m on point and other times just off... guess tick rates have something to do with this....