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  1. How many are we up to now Jack? 😂 Saw a YouTube video from I think it was xclusive ace saying that there was a fix for that coming with the big update that dropping in a couple of days... hopefully that’ll be the end of it for the majority of the bugs.
  2. aka_boogo

    Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!

    Awesome news, so what about the ones that come up as peers and that are located outside the geo filter? I know that they are dedicated servers by the ping and the tick rate sitting around 60hz... will this be just a matter of cleaning up those details in future cloud updates? Again no complaints here it heaps better than before but would be nice to see actually what I’m connected to as opposed something that it isn’t... keep up the hard work guys... 🤞
  3. Hey Duma team, you guys really need to add this to a new topic and pin it so everyone can see it like the others. Also you should stress that the cloud flush may appear to not finish completing the task but with patience and waiting a minute or two the task would’ve completed. Also servers and peers locations are messed up however with the new PA we can see host tick rates at 60 where as P2P is 20hz I think some people see this and are thinking is P2P... it’ll give us a place to talk at this new process so we can further drill down and fine tune this... Just a thought...
  4. aka_boogo

    Problems connecting to a lobby

    Yeah correct I have all 3 versions saved OG R1 firmware OG DumaOS and DumaOS with PA... I’m on the R1 i downgraded back to OG R1 firmware where like most having good luck with connections. However the location was out of place but pings a stable 20-25ms so I know that the location was out.... this arvo, I upgraded back to DumaOS OG Beta version my first session was dedicated server with the dashed circle around it, tonight I bounced around different games trying to get the R1 to do some work, I found games easy, 20-25ms pings 60 ticks rates I good guess I was on servers, ohh in game I had the E next to the numbers so that servers I guess... But the locations off as stated above, I was connected to peers even though I don’t reckon I was... when I upgraded back to DumaOS it was a fresh install no saved settings and did what was pointed out in another post by Frazer... apologies for the long winded post just wanted to give some feedback. I continue to play around with the game and report back if anything changes... Cheers
  5. aka_boogo

    Netduma OS On R1

    It working for me... perfect no, but it’s low consistent pings host tick rate at lower ends of 60’s but the server/peer location is way off so some needed there, but a big improvement from the last time I used dumaOS...
  6. aka_boogo

    Problems connecting to a lobby

    I’m actually having luck with this... I’m hitting dedicated servers again based in Sydney. The servers is located on the map in the right place however it has a dashed circle around it, geofilter set over my location and the server is within it. Not to sure why a server would look like a PA server considering it within my geofliter?! I guess time will tell if it stays like this. I do have one question though I have the file for both the original DumaOS and the milestone 1.3 PA assist. The PA looks a lot like the new milestone PA that should be right? The OG DumaOS only had the ping graph right? it was definitely the file for the OG cause I double check against the date D/L. Cheers.
  7. Downloading the update now, hoping to have a session with the original firmware and DumaOS upgrade also with the milestone PA update...
  8. Thought I’d start a discussion regarding the new update, how is it going for you? I personally haven’t had a chance to get online yet... below taken from another website regarding fixes to online stability, let’s hope this helps us out with DumaOS!! In Multiplayer, we’ve implemented a round of stability updates for a smoother online experience, including fixes for crashes related to specific modes, Scorestreaks, and Specialists that could affect players at various points in MP matches. We’ve also adjusted Hardpoint spawns, tweaked the Care Package and Hellstorm Scorestreaks, updated CWL Custom Game rules, addressed various Challenge issues, and more. See below for the full patch notes for all the new details.
  9. aka_boogo

    Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!

    As above. 😂
  10. aka_boogo

    Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!

    Just to confirm I’ve downgraded and it has worked for me now as before it still felt a bit shitty, I tried bouncing around a couple of different games last night till I found one (server) that work really well then stuck with it... and was great. I think the key is to find a server that has a good feel to it and stick to it. You’ll know when you’ve found it...
  11. aka_boogo

    Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!

    Yeah talking about the initial release of DumaOS. No ping assist like in milestone 1.3...
  12. aka_boogo

    Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!

    BTW I do realise that blops4 had a few updates as well...
  13. aka_boogo

    Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!

    Hey guys was wondering if anyone has tried going from the original R1 firmware to the initial release DumaOS not the milestone 1.3 with ping assist? I seem to remember that it was pretty good then around the time 1.3 came out it went pairshaped... might give Ive it a shot when I’m in front of the computer... I’ll report back unless it’s a no go in the meantime....
  14. aka_boogo

    Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!

    Which console are you using? 1- PS4 Which game mode are you trying to play? 2- Mainly TDM and Blackout Which DumaOS powered router are you using? 3- R1 Where are you located (approximately)? 4- Brisbane Australia Describe any problems you're having. 5- At the moment the lack of any quality games – no dedicated servers and peer 2 peers works sometimes but very bad connections (laggy, choppy and host migrations) Peers will flash up within my radius set however will disappear then the game wants to go to the pregame screen but then boots me stating either the game is full and not joinable. If you have the Netduma R1, please try setting Ping Assist to 50ms and make sure Filtering Mode is enabled. Then, reboot your game. Does this fix your problem? 6- No
  15. aka_boogo

    I cannot find a lobby today

    Even if a downgrade and stay there it doesn’t help anyway.... Im not hating, all I’m saying is that I’ve tried everything and nothing works. When I plug straight into my modem I seem to get games straight away, some games are better than others and that’s why I brought the R1, it’s a great router and software is awesome, just finding it hard at the moment to enjoy blops4 while consistently messing about with sittings on the R1...