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    How can you explain this?

    This is the only router that has issues with Black Ops 4. I tested Netgear x4s, Edgerouter, Linksys Ac1900, ASUS ac1900, and ASUS Rt-Ac86u...they worked great with black ops 4 with no QOS turned on. XR500 sucks on Black ops, put me into laggy lobbies. It’s telling me that I have 18ms ping to the server with so much lag.
  2. DollaB1ll

    XR500 doesn’t perform well on BO4

    I swear the beta ran way better.
  3. DollaB1ll

    XR500 doesn’t perform well on BO4

    California ID d8c7ecb764776f74 ... ping 17ms I’m in Michigan This router making my game play worst. The gunplay, hit detection, the movement. How I get a ping of 17ms to Cali servers but a 33 ms ping to Chicago servers? Played with the edgerouter x yesterday with no issues at all. Played with the Netgear x4s this morning no issues either only on this router. I’m probably going to return the XR500.
  4. The router works fine for the first 3 days when BO4 has released, but now the router tells me I have 30 ms ping on every single server or peer/host that I’m on. I’m located in the Midwest. I’m opening the Geo-Filter even further and still ping 33ms on California, Seattle and UK servers. The game runs terrible, the graphics, frame rate, hit detection. Tried everything..QOS, 70/70, 80/80, 90/90, ping plotter, A+ bufferbloat, everything is fine. I only have bad results with this router no issues with the Netgear X4s, and edgerouter x. Also had reboot and hard reset still same issue. Auto ping turned on or off still ping a steady 30-35 to all servers across the world but feels like I’m 1-2 second delay in game. Getting drop before I can think. Hit detection is terrible. Game is unplayable on the Xr500. If I want to play BO4 I will need to hook up edgerouter x or nighthawk x4s. Please help