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  1. Well Ive been testing DumaOS but I noticed an issue when playing fortnite I have only 1 device on my network (xbox console) My network map consist of ROUTER>R1>XBOX ONE CONSOLE My Geo FIlter is set to expectate mode Antibufferbloat is off Service enabled is Unreal Engine (fortnite etc) Every single time I play Fortnite if im not the Party Leader I get a very high ping (150ms) but If Im the Party Leader I have steady 40ms no ping issues Is this related to a misconfiguration of the R1 or my ISP Router or this is how fortnite works? Any input on how to fix this? Also Ive noticed that the share excess option feels kinda different from the R1 on the 1.03 firmware
  2. Well after upgrading my R1 to the Duma OS I can really tell that it really makes a difference on most of the games I play But I cant find the Share Excess Checkbox on the Bandwith allocation Screen Was this option removed? Also I noticed that the Halo 5 service is not on the services menu anymore