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  1. Zippy

    Hello Everyone!

    I just wanted to say hello to everyone! Im totally new here and have been following and reading a lot about NetDuma OS for sometime. I did purchase the XR500. And do have some very odd issues but those are for another place. Anyways just here to introduce myself and wanted to say hello to everyone! I hope I posted this in the correct spot! lol. Im thinking I did! 😉 ha ha cheers folks!
  2. Zippy

    Hello Everyone!

    Thanks BIG_DOG for the awesome welcome! Appreciate it!
  3. Zippy

    Hello Everyone!

    Thanks for the nice welcome! And your welcome! ha ha.. What do you mean now DumaOS is out on all platforms? I really do like what you guys have done so far.. Im very glad I got the XR500. My only mistake was not getting it sooner. My other router which is a ASUS ROG Rapture GT AC5300 wasn't to shabby. Love there hardware but there software was for a better word horrible. Cant wait to see what new features you guys have up your sleeve! Im excited! Thanks again for the welcome to the forum! Zippy.
  4. Zippy

    Hello Everyone!

    Thanks TrayDay for the welcome to the forum! Greatly appreciate it. Im not going to lie.. Ive got caught up in some of those so called routers that have claimed to be geared towards gaming.. But Netduma is totally different. Ive visited here watching for a very longtime and I kept saying to myself these guys are for real!! Finally one day I pulled the trigger.. I had the XR500 in my hands about a hand full of times thinking should I buy it or not.. Then I finally just grabbed it and went on my way! It is no doubt in my mind the router to have if your a gamer.. I haven't seen any other OS like Netduma. Its second to none.. Again thanks for stopping in to say Hello! Its good to be a part of this Duma Army! Cheers Tray! Zippy.
  5. Zippy

    Hello Everyone!

    Netduma Jack your welcome! I do believe that Netduma OS is just the beginning. Many more good things will happen. There is no doubt as far as im concerned they are the cutting edge when it comes to OS geared for gamers. Ive seen a lot of gimmicks over time clamming to have a gaming router and it really was nothing more then talk then proof.. Netduma has a bright future. Even some of my Tech forums I visit often have taken notice.. That alone says a lot. There is a feature I have a question on and I see a few always asking about it. That is ping assist... What exactly is that and what does that actually do? Anyways thanks again for the warm welcome.. You will see me around. :) (soon in the support forum). Zippy.
  6. Zippy

    Hello Everyone!

    Thanks guys for the nice welcome! I definitely will post my issues in the XR500 support section.. I just wanted to introduce myself a bit before I headed over to the support section. I really do like what I have seen thus far out of the Netduma OS. even though im having issues. Its really the first time ive seen so much focus on a OS that is targeted for gamers. Well done! Thanks again and hope to chat more with you all. :)