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  1. Hello everyone! I have a strange question regarding info shown on the Geo filter screen. I see now we have extra info like tick rate and also receive and send of Kbps.. Heres where things I feel get starnge.. My Tick Rate looks good and stays consistent 60-61 both my client and the server. What I have found strange was that im receiving about 516-580 kbps. But my send rate is only between 35-55 kbps.. Is my send rate suppose to be this low? I would think it should be almost matching my receive rate not? The reason I ask this is because the game really performs very strangely and I have a funny feeling this is my problem.. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I find this very odd and it shouldn't be that low.. Thanks!
  2. I could try to upload a couple of games.. I will have to figure out how to do that though and when I have some free time.. Ive been focusing on a couple factors though and one in particular. I know MS uses msn.net for all there routing. And I did notice a hop between two MS servers/routers and what a peers to be with in the same location or even at the data center level. Between these two hops the latency is very unstable.. It is naturally higher and even seems to spike! I have a funny feeling that maybe the cause of my issues. The only reason I feel this to be the cause is because Josh from 343 explained to me what takes place when lag spikes are detected while playing a game. He mentioned that when a spike is detected ones upload gets throttled down to about nothing and slowly brought back up until another is detected.. Ive dug into this even a bit further and noticed that players north of this data center hit that same bad hop and the game play results tend to be the same.. My only question is who would one talk to about this? I think I could give them the id's/addresses of the server or router that is causing this.. It would never hurt to have them check this.. But something tells me I would get the run around... Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks again for your time!
  3. Thanks everyone for your replies.. Ive played a lot of online games over the years but have never experienced what I have with any game before except Halo5. So this makes it very difficult to explain. But here is what happens.. When playing H5 something takes place where one gets this slowing effect. Things become very sluggish and it feels like your spartan has lead shoes. It really effects the whole mechanics of the game. Spartan mobility is sluggish, rate of fire is slower, hit registration is very poor, basically everything in the game is effected in some form or fashion.. It doesn't show itself as lag but yet one could say it is a form of it but again it doesn't fit the traditional form of lag.. There is never two games that play alike and why I cant understand this whole oddity is because ive never experienced this before.. Maybe its bad net code idk.. But im going to dig into this a bit more and ask Josh over at 343 about this and see what he has to say.. But if other players ping can effect others in the game then this is very troubling specially if its giving me this effect.. If anyone has any thoughts please feel free to share.. Again thanks!
  4. Hey Thanks for your reply! The game im playing is Halo5. So what you are saying is that is perfectly normal for me to receive roughly 516 kbps and only send 35-55 kbps? I just figured those numbers would have been very close to one another. My base ping to that server is 28ms. I just cant understand why it performs so oddly. So my reasoning was what I stated above. Thinking my send kbps was way to low.. I just cant figure out why this game performs like this.. Wouldn't you think a ping of 28ms is respectable to a server? Im stumped to be honest.. Thanks again for your reply!
  5. Hey thanks for the reply!! This is almost to good to be true!! I must be dreaming!! Looks like Xmas came early this year. lol..
  6. I cant wait to get home and update my XR500.. Has anyone had the chance or noticed if the feature to show Tick Rate of a server is present?
  7. Zippy

    bad line?

    scbba do you have to have a combo unit modem that runs both internet and telephone in one? Can you have one modem for telephone and one modem for internet? I have Spectrum and that's my set up. Two different modems. Not sure if that's an option or not for you but thought id share that.. In your area are you running on DOCSIS 3.1 now?
  8. Zippy

    Bad Line Jitter

    I totally agree with you Jack. He has done the right thing. To be honest more have to do this then just taking things as acceptable.. One of the things ive noticed over the years here in the US is that ISP's are starting to get very sloppy when it comes to latency. And there reply is very commonly called "acceptable". There trying to cram 6 gallons into a 5 gallon bucket. First thing to go out the window is latency.. We use to own the cable company here where I live but have sold out to Spectrum awhile ago. We still to this day help them pin point issues.. And one thing that sticks out to me is how very little knowledge they have in using there own testing equipment or misinterpreting there results.. About two weeks ago I gave 101 class to a line tech on what his meters readings meant. While he thought things were normal I showed him that they were not.. Which is strange because it had logged warnings a mile long.. He asked me what those meant and I told him that the latency variation was way out of spec. So as you can see its very easy for things to get sloppy when even the techs are still learning..
  9. Phyter my fingers are crossed for you! I do wish you luck. And keep us posted on any new info. Im surprised that WOW doesn't want to resolve this directly with you. I do think in your case you did what you had to do. Lets hope this moves fairly quick for you. Good luck!
  10. Have you taken your modem and connect it directly to the main line coming into your home and test from there using ping plotter? Connect your modem on the maim feeder line.. I think you have mentioned you have fiber out at the curb and copper to home.. My guess is you have RJ6 coming into your home. Make sure your connector is tight at the modem and not just finger tight. See if your results are any better testing there..
  11. I think your correct Jack. I know the population likely has caused this so I think one just gets shifted around to find a game. I am very curious and excited for the next new firmware for the XR500. I cant wait for that!
  12. Zippy

    Bad Line Jitter

    Phyter, Not sure if you tried this or not yet but have you taken your modem and directly connected it to the main line coming into your house? That would mean taking your modem and lab top to the location where the line comes into your home and hook the modem directly into the main line without going through any splitters. Then do some tests from there. See what you get there and post back here. This will help to make sure this isn't a splitter or something else back feeding into your line with in your home. You shouldn't have to test long. Good luck!
  13. Hey Fraser, You are very correct that they have changed something with H5. For some odd reason this change seemed to have happened at about the same time they moved the MCC from p2p to the same dedicated servers as H5. Not sure if at that time they did something to H5 then but I thought it was a very strange coincidence. Also one can not quit when in game.. If one dashboards or just plain out quits its banhammer time! They have that set very very strict.. Unfortunately about the time one can even ping a server or have a chance to ping the server one gets its already to late. If one does quit or dashboard twice and then on the third try gets into a game after that game you will be banned. Another big change also is that they no longer have one authenticating server. Those now seem to rotate and every location can become a authenticating server. Which means it does no good to block them or have them outside of your radius. Something tells me they did this because of Netduma and wants it to be fair for everyone.. To be fair that last part may seem to be a bit of a stretch but again I find it very strange this has taken place and wouldn't know the reason behind it other then to make it fair for everyone. It just seems strange that the more 343 messes with there networking the less and less Duma OS is effective.. Currently there is nothing in the Geo filter that works for me.. All I can do is watch and see my pings which even at times those don't even work when on Auto ping.. Most of the time they quit working all together. Im also currently using the XR500. But again this router is extremely buggy for me. Have had a lot of very strange issues with it. Hoping the next firmware update will correct these many strange issues.. Netgear hasn't been any help.. And I refuse to pay for support on a router that is just a few months old specially when it was there firmware upgrade that has caused my issues..
  14. No worries Jack.. I can understand that things like this do take time. Im sure over time things will smooth out and gel much better between both Netduma and Netgear. And trust me I want Netduma to succeed in everyway possible. Ive noticed that some that make third party firmware are even watching what Netduma is doing.. They have taken notice. Most of your big box router companies make awesome hardware. Its usually there firmware/software that is problematic.. So that is why I think Netduma and Netgear make a good match.. Specially for us gamers.. 👍 Thanks for your reply!
  15. I also have the same problem as the Op. Which when I say is really unfortunate is an understatement.. I sure hope Netgear pushes out this firmware a lot sooner then later. Im definitely having second thoughts about this router..
  16. Zippy

    Urgent * Turn Off IPV6 *

    I think Netduma has stated before that IPv6 doesn't go through there QoS. Only IPv4 does if I recall correctly. As far as lag spikes are concerned using IPv6 makes sense because if you have IPv6 enabled those packets are being filtered and that for sure will cause lag spikes as well. Not to mention not having any QoS also on the IPv6 side. I know one may think there is no problem but there is an issue. Its basically just hidden by having IPv6 disabled. Sooner or later IPv6 will be a thing. The question is will Netgear actually fix this.. Xbox is really pushing for everyone to use IPv6. I noticed that my XR500 doesn't even have a Native IPv6 option. Which I sure hope they add. ASUS had this along while back. I do wish I could load Duma OS on my ASUS..lol. Id do it in a heart beat!
  17. Zippy

    pingplotter help needed

    That dsl reports test shows that his modem had failed. Basically what that test does is send small tcp requests and what the test looks for is consistency in latency in those requests. Everything look good until boom! The very end of the test shows a 750ms variation. When I see that from others that have posted there results they look very much like this one.. Looks like a puma6 chipset footprint to me..
  18. Zippy

    My connection with the XR500

    I agree with Netduma Jack.. Those are the easiest things to try first. By looking at the ping graph I would say you have something going on. The thing is with cable providers is coaxial cable is highly influenced by interference from a vast amount of things. Some additional things to look at are to make sure your connectors are tight. Also make sure your modem is either not on a splitter or at the very least its on only one. Again make sure all connections are tight. If you find that everything looks good and have done just about everything you can then I would look at the modem. But at that point I would have my ISP come and do a full line check. They can put a good load test on your line and that will tell you a lot. Once you know this info then you will have a good idea what the issue is and can narrow it down from there.. Good luck!
  19. Hello everyone! Ive been having some strange things happen while playing Halo5. With the geo filter enabled and set to strict everything works as it should. But after about 5 games or so the filter seems to quit working. Then I start to make connections to servers outside my filter range. Its very strange. I also have other issues.. When I had my ASUS router hooked up it would tell me what ports info was being sent and received on. The XR500 only shows 3074 UDP. Is this normal? Im just wondering why I don't see other ports other than the 3074 UDP. With my ASUS I would see other ports pop in like the ones XBOX Live would show.. This maybe no big deal but found this strange as well. I am currently using UPnP. Should I be port forwarding ports instead on my XR500 over UPnP? Once in awhile while playing a game I will notice the game played very odd. When I looked the UPnP showed nothing. So I was wondering if UPnP had quit working as well.. I am running on the most current firmware for the XR500. And maybe I have something set wrong. Which is very possible. Just wanted to get some thoughts what might be going on. If any other info is needed just let me know. Thanks everyone! I do love this Netduma OS. Zippy.
  20. Hey thanks Jack! I was wondering if that was a bit close to the cut off. Sometimes it blocks it and sometimes it doesn't. Just hit and miss.. Im going to try and shrink my search radius a bit more and see if that helps. Im just trying to catch the server right next door to it.. ;) Thanks again for your reply!
  21. Well after flushing the cloud still no luck. I still get servers outside my radius.. Here is one I took a snapshot of with the server ID. But the only way to obtain it was by turning auto ping off and then click on the server Icon.. Just in case you cant read the ID of this server here is the number. 389d9e693ad73237 Thanks!
  22. Hey Fraser! I will give that a try tonight and report back. I was always wondering what flush the cloud meant or did ha ha. I will give it a go! Thanks again my friend!
  23. Thanks pollutionblues! If it is normal to see them outside my search radius is it also normal for me to connect to that server for a game? Currently that is what is happening which is unfortunate.. If you have any ideas im all ears! Thanks my friend! :) Zippy.
  24. Thank you for your reply. I haven not manually allowed them to my list. Also the strange thing is when I do connect to that server that is outside my search radius it doesn't give me ping readings or ID's. And that is with Auto Ping enabled. Have any ideas how I could get the ID's for you? It only happens when I connect to the Chicago IL server. Which is the server just outside my search radius.. The sad thing is if it wasn't for the server in Chicago IL I really wouldn't even need to use the Geo Filter because the rest of the servers perform quite well for me. Again thanks for your time! Zippy. p.s. Thanks about the nice wallpaper!