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  1. Zippy

    Sky And Native IPV6

    Is Netgear the ones we need to contact about Native IPV6? That is something that needs to be highly looked at.. Ive had that capability with my ASUS router for two years.. So I was shocked that the XR500 didn't even have this feature.. Also lets say we did already have that capability with the XR500.. Is DumaOS compatible to work with IPV6 using your buffer bloat feature? These are things I have concerns on.. IPV6 is the future.
  2. Okay cool that's what I had thought.. I noticed in the ping graph that the server had a 105ms ping.. Strange thing is I get about a 105 ms ping when I ping servers in your area from the US.. So I was just wondering how that server is showing Australia.. When I ping severs in Australia my pings are much higher then 105. Was wondering if you happened to ping any servers over in Australia yourself to see if you get any that have pings close to 105ms? I get this issue a lot on ms azure data centers. None seem to be very accurate.. And I think the reason we get such weird server look ups is because the way Halo games are coded.. Neither H5 or the MCC are region locked. And if anything they allow any ping in a game now.. They use to sync players up with similar pings but no longer do this. Its a free for all now.. Have you pinged azure data centers around the world to see if you get any that show up with 105ms? If I can find that link I will post it..
  3. My guess is Netduma needs to update the Geo filter for the mcc and halo5 because I get the same bug as you call it.. Both games return similar results.. Tripper do you live in the US? Zippy.
  4. Zippy

    eMTA cable modems??

    An eMTA cable modem is a modem that does two functions in one unit.. Basically its one device that gives you voice (telephone) and internet.. Where as a regular cable modem only does internet.. No telephone (voice). As far as issues that is something im not aware of or have knowledge on.. Because I don't have a eMTA modem.. I have two separate units one for voice and one for internet.. So one could say I have two modems in my home.. Usually the downfall of having a combo as you have your limited to the type and brand.. So for an example lets say your provider only allows this type of unit and for whatever reason that particular unit you have has a puma chipset in it.. Then that could become an issue in that scenario.. Some say you have better performance with separate units.. Are you having any issues at all that makes you ask such a question? Zippy.
  5. Zippy

    Sky And Native IPV6

    I also have noticed the XR500 currently doesn't support Native IPV6.. Which is actually surprising really.. My ASUS always pulled Full Native IPV6.. Netgear is behind the eight ball on this one.. Granted there might not be a big call for IPV6 yet as a gamer but the time will come.. Plus im not sure if features like buffer bloat work with IPV6 on the XR500.. Hope you get your other issues sorted.. Good luck! Zippy.
  6. Ive had this exact same issue as well.. The only thing that cleared it up for me was downgrading back to firmware V2.3.2.22 Down fall to this is one loses some of the latest features. But the router seemed much more stable with this firmware and at least I wouldnt lose connection after a reboot or some other factor. It wouldn't be so bad but with the newest firmware it took a lot of time to get the router to finally make a connection. I just didn't have that kind of time to spare so I downgraded back to the firmware I stated above.. Some of you here could try this just to see if it works and it also would help to figure out if this is a firmware issue.. Which I believe it is.. Another thing also I want to point out as well is my devices now show proper in the device manager and don't get hung up with some saying online when off or online when there actually off line.. Good luck! Zippy.
  7. Thanks Jack for the kind words! I think something like this would become a very useful tool. We could even take this a bit further and not only give what ports are being used and there protocol UDP/TCP but we could also show how much data each port is sending and receiving. This would come in really handy to target a port because we likely know when playing a game the port that is transferring a lot of data is likely the key port. And we could prioritize that port by giving it the highest priority over all others or even have a method of prioritizing based on something like this.. Highest, high, medium, lowest.. This type of feature would become a dominating tool I feel. And the reasoning behind my idea is it would give the player/user more control of exactly what is going on. Not to mention what one player is showing for a high priority port number may not be the same port number another player might show.. So this would really help in that situation which believe it or not is very common.. Also say if the developer of a game does some changing on there end where a high priority port number that we were more commonly use to seeing no longer is the common port. Say for whatever reason they use to use port 34000 but all of a sudden we see a new port number pop in that is 43000. So we would catch this because of this feature and make the needed adjustments.. Anytime we can customize our ports by giving them the proper prioritization will result in the most optimum performance.. Which really is what we are all looking for.. To get the edge in a particular game.. Here is just an example of what this would look like.. UDP 30001- 280kbps...Highest TCP 443 - 20kbps...Lowest UDP 3074 - 45kbps..High Granted this is just an example and there would likely be more ports but this is just to give you an idea of what it would look like.. The Highest to Lowest feature could be just a drop down box for each port and we could prioritize it as needed based on what a particular port is doing.. And really we likely only really need to prioritize one or two ports. The rest would be just general type traffic not critical to in game performance.. If there is anyone that could put something like this together its you guys over there at NetDuma! Im sure you guys could put a good twist on this and make it as user friendly as need be.. But it is fairly straight forward yet can become a dominating feature.. Thanks again! Zippy.
  8. Zippy

    This is something I wasn't expecting.. Thoughts?!?!

    There is a good forum called smallnetbuilders that would fit what your asking.. Thats where a lot of your third party firmware guys hangout. They and others on there will be able to give you good advice. Specially on OpenWRT/LEDE firmware.. Firmware's like this have very good uses and can be setup to work more in particular situations. And they can give you info on what type of routers work best. Ive always seemed to use ASUS but there are many brands that have been used. I personally haven't used the OpenWRT/LEDE but ive done a lot of script modifying to a lot of ASUS routers that even had stock firmware.. Knowing how to do that alone can play a major role. But what is nice about third party firmware's is the flexibility one has to what they want the router to do.. Example would be on a particular online game.. Heck you might even find some of the third party firmware very useful.. But like anything its about trial and error and tweaking until you hit that sweet spot.. Good luck! Zippy.
  9. Zippy

    thinking about upgrading to netgear cm1000

    Not sure if you got a modem yet or not but ive heard good reviews from the cm1000, sb8200, and the mb8600.. Any three of those would work fine.. It will come down too what you prefer and what your ISP will allow.. But im fairly sure the cm1000 is going to be allowed on a lot of different carriers.. Again just give them a call and ask.. Some providers when the modem is provisioned it will run between DOCSIS 3.0 and 3.1. Meaning it might not run in DOCSIS 3.1 until you start to pull excessive bandwidth. But as far as the QoS goes the way I understand it is that is active regardless if one is running 3.0 or 3.1 because that is built into the chipset.. From what I hear is that your latency should be lower.. Some say even by half.. Which I do find that hard to believe myself but who knows.. Im currently thinking on getting one myself not sure what brand yet but I want to see what my ISP uses and what they allow for brands.. Personally I wish I could get a symmetrical plan that will get me symmetrical speeds. And I would be happy at 100/100.. Good luck! Zippy.
  10. Your welcome Fraser! Think of this more like a tool that could be used to help diagnose things or help dial things in even more precise. And at the very least be good useful info just for the knowing. I really do like what you guys have done though for the gamer.. Nice job! Zippy.
  11. Just to give this another bump but also give some more info on this.. As I have had this XR500 for about four months now ive learned a lot about this port prioritization.. With the XR500 putting trust in this little red light seems to be very inconsistent.. I know DumaOS has made this easy for us by having all the ports built in so all we have to do is click on DumaOS classified games and are good to go.. But to keep everyone honest and make trouble shooting a bit easier I think what needs to be in future builds is when this little red light comes on it should also list the port numbers that are being prioritized.. And what ones are UDP and TCP for that matter.. That way we can use this info to make sure everything is correct and working as it should. Currently im finding discrepancies in the current system.. Other routers do currently use a system like this already and have been for sometime. So I think this would make a good addition to what is already there and can give us some good details on what exactly is going on then just this little red light.. Don't get me wrong its nice to have one click and let DumaOS take care of the rest.. But it also makes it very difficult to verify anything when it comes to this without seeing whats actually taking place.. I think with just the amount of people that have currently voted should give more then enough insight to see there is interest in these type of features. Granted this maybe not exactly what the Op is suggesting word for word but its along those lines.. What I find confusing is it sounds like the R1 at one time had similar features as this..But currently not anymore.. Which really makes me scratch my head as to why.. Thanks! Zippy.
  12. Zippy

    Traffic Prioritization

    soccerjean17 what port is your ps4 using.? You can try this for the heck of it.. source port (whatever your ps4 is UDP) and 3544 destination UDP. It is odd though that DumaOS Classified Games isn't prioritizing this for you.. I would check like they said and make sure your ps4 is still tracking correctly in your Device Manager and is corresponding correctly as the correct device which is your ps4.. Another thing to check is when your online playing see if it is also showing in your Network Monitor.. Good luck! Zippy.
  13. Op if you are getting uncorrectable's of 300 that maybe your issue then.. You can always look at what it is that your getting for codes.. Also dslreports may have some good info on there forum to exactly what those uncorrectables mean.. See if others have reported this with your brand and type of modem.. At the very least you should be able to find some info and learn some knowledge of exactly what impact those uncorrectables may have in your case.. Also as Zennon has said your hop number 3 isn't a bad hop.. I had a hunch on this as well.. Your destination hop is your primary focus.. What kind of results do you get when you ping your ISP dns? As far as disabling QoS you can give that a try and see if that helps.. There are others that have had a better experience with that disabled. I think though they have only done this more on the upload side of things.. I know on my setup I currently only buffer the download.. Which I think I have my download set at 90% and my upload is set at 100%.. It really does take some tinkering to dial this in. Zippy.
  14. Zippy

    Netduma R1 router out of stock

    That's a good question.. Ive been wondering the same.. Zippy.
  15. Your welcome! give that a shot first but if that doesn't seem to give you the results your looking for ive heard that others have a much better experience using ping assist in a game such as Destiny.. I think Destiny maybe a p2p game and not sure if its hosted on dedicated servers.. Sorry I couldn't have been a bit more help.. But something tells me you may have a better experience using ping assist.. Hopefully someone else can chime in here for you that plays that game.. Let us know how it goes for you! Good luck! Btw if it is recommended that you don't use strict mode then I wouldn't.. But then if that is the case my guess is ping assist will be your best option and your new best friend! Zippy.