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  1. Swgohlegend

    Upnp and no open nat

    I had to reinstall the old os and haven’t had any issues since.
  2. I have lost my open nat. It doesn’t even open my ports off ps4 when I log in.
  3. Swgohlegend

    NetDuma r1 return

    many times
  4. Swgohlegend

    NetDuma r1 return

    Crashes consistently from I open it. Support from ping plotter can’t give me a reason why this is happening. 👎
  5. Swgohlegend

    NetDuma r1 return

    I thought it was a private message. My iMac can’t do PingPlotter test since the software crashes every time I use it. I guess my iMac is out of date to use it. Any suggestions?
  6. Literally this device is worse then before. Buffer is just terrible, my connection is better without this device. Netduma Wi-Fi name disappears, cant log in or get through the mainframe
  7. I’m getting a bufferbloat issue at 70/70. my connecting line is 7ms ping and jitter 1-3ms k. Average shoukd i lower it to like 50/50 to get a better connection? the old Duma software was better then it has been for me when it comes to my connections
  8. Swgohlegend


    I always test lan. Been better. Seems like my provider upload is having lots of bufferbloat issues.
  9. Swgohlegend


    I have priority traffic at always. My speed are set to 170 up/dwn. Whe. I set it to 70% I’m getting full speeds still.
  10. I have my bufferbloat set to 70%\70% but I’m getting full speeds when I test it.
  11. Swgohlegend

    Can’t find games

    Been a hard day finding one game today. Under 50ms. Your router eliminates lag but can’t find any players. Maybe the players out there have crap internet and because they lag too much I can’t find a game!
  12. Swgohlegend

    Cloud update

    Yeah I get this r app error. I don’t know if this has happened before or not?
  13. Does the cloud update get done automatically on the iOS 1.3? Last night i couldn’t find any games for the life of me.
  14. Is there going to be a place on your forum where the next update will be showcase?
  15. Swgohlegend

    My home setup

    I’m on optic fiber or I don’t think I’m on cable internet. I don’t know how to get the pppoe user name and password