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  1. Swgohlegend

    Can’t find games

    Been a hard day finding one game today. Under 50ms. Your router eliminates lag but can’t find any players. Maybe the players out there have crap internet and because they lag too much I can’t find a game!
  2. Swgohlegend

    Cloud update

    Yeah I get this r app error. I don’t know if this has happened before or not?
  3. Does the cloud update get done automatically on the iOS 1.3? Last night i couldn’t find any games for the life of me.
  4. Is there going to be a place on your forum where the next update will be showcase?
  5. Swgohlegend

    My home setup

    I’m on optic fiber or I don’t think I’m on cable internet. I don’t know how to get the pppoe user name and password
  6. Swgohlegend

    My home setup

    My speeds are 260-300 up and down on my combo modem. Netduma upload will max out 60 download and upload would hit 160-180
  7. Swgohlegend

    My home setup

    My speed are more stable on my regular modem. Should I enable ivp6 off the netduma?
  8. I have my main modem down stairs with the coax wired to my gaming room with moca adapter to my PS4. Curious if this setup is the best for gaming experience or would there be a better solution to have? Been having inconsistent speeds during my tests, my active is has good ping, telus actiontec t3200m is my modem. I can’t do bridge mode with the coax setup. I do get open nat but I’m curious if it’s a open nat really? Limited games found on blk ops 4. Don’t see any servers in my region either. Help please
  9. Swgohlegend

    speeds ios 1.3

    Only way could find a game was ping assist 60-100. Even withbout the ping assist and 2000+ kilometers geo filter. Maybe it’s the servers not working? Lots of peer to peer yesterday too for me. With strict off I finally gets some games though. Maybe my speed is too high for some call of duty games? Should I lower my speeds so I can get in a game? I’m just worried about lagging my internet to my PS4 though.
  10. Swgohlegend

    speeds ios 1.3

    I couldn’t get a ping lower then 60ms last night. Seems like the servers were a bit over worked! Is there any dedicated servers on the west coast Seattle?
  11. Swgohlegend

    speeds ios 1.3

    I couldn’t get a ping lower then 60ms last night. Seems like the servers were a bit over worked!
  12. Swgohlegend

    speeds ios 1.3

    I could get a game on blk ops 4 off your setting you recommend
  13. Swgohlegend

    speeds ios 1.3

    But my gameplay is atrocious
  14. Swgohlegend

    speeds ios 1.3

    One example. With qos off it’s smooth test but with the qos it’s a bumpy road. I moved the flower to 80% PS4 and my ratings were A A A
  15. Swgohlegend

    speeds ios 1.3

    With the qos my speeds go crazy up and down during dsl reports. Is that normal?