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  1. Try admin and password if that’s does not work maybe factory reset using a pin at the back of the router
  2. Funkycow

    Black Ops 4 Geo-Filter Cloud needs your help!

    Sorry guys I’ve been working long hours and not had the time to look or input some uk servers that don’t seem quite right
  3. Funkycow

    Dedi severs

    Same issue on Xbox
  4. Funkycow

    No server/p2p games in uk/Ireland

    Funny you say that I just remembered when I make geo filter small to the point where it’s just around Ireland and uk I can’t find a single game not even one lol
  5. Funkycow

    No server/p2p games in uk/Ireland

    I am in CO.DERRY in Northern Ireland i hope the update fixes the new problem when that server/p2p does not some up nothing else appears for me which means I can’t play
  6. Every time I get a connection it’s in the same place (in the water )
  7. Funkycow

    Black ops 4

    Now that everyone’s been playing for a min what’s everyone’s thoughts ? personaly I love it I’ve not played cod sense black ops 2 just finding it hard to learn maps and gameplay at the min so my K/D is garbage but like I said it’s amazing blackout is brilliant puts pubg is the trash in my opinion and it’s very hard to compare to fortnite as it has its own still but I personally believe this game mode is for adults who want that true war experience
  8. Funkycow

    Black Ops 4: General Gaming Discussion (not support)

    Is blops 4 worth the money for a old time cod fan
  9. Funkycow

    Duma os

    No I’ve not changed anything just made my Xbox static
  10. Wont let me into settings had to restart router
  11. When using the geo filter I can’t find one single uk game I have to set it to 1000miles which connects me to France and Germany Which has a higher ping 50-60 is there anyway I can just find games in the uk
  12. Big thanks to everyone at Netduma duma os is brilliant so fare only issue am having is it sometimes says script error when applying settings
  13. Don’t think where gonna get it in time