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  1. I've done a factory reset on both the Smart Hub and the Duma, put a static IP back on the Duma and placed it in the DMZ in the hub, increased the DHCP lease time on both boxes and will now wait and see. I'm 90% sure now though that this isn't a Duma issue and is a BT issue. When I was changing the lease time I saw there was an option for "Authoritative DHCP" that was set to on, don't know if that has anything to do with it? Its description is - "If your device is using the wrong IP address, the BT Smart Hub will try to correct it so the connection doesn't break."
  2. The R1 has always had a static IP on my BT Hub
  3. They are indeed set to 24 hours, I'll increase it now and let you know if anything changes. Might be time to just remove the BT Hub from the equation all together, wil have to wait for payday for that though.
  4. WiFI was on and working fine this morning with QoS turned off. I done some more digging and I think it may not be the Duma at all. I think it may be my Smart Hubs fault, there's something happening around 4am where it disconnects the duma on its own even though its plugged into the ethernet port and then reconnects it and then says - ":DHCP Confirmation of Request" It does this every morning at 4am. Could this be why my WiFi is so intermittent? The problem most of the time is that I can see the duma outputting a signal and everything is connected but it says no internet access, very rarely can I not find the Duma signal. So basically the software in the so called BT SmartHub is disconnecting my duma every morning at 4 am.
  5. sure, ill let you know if anything changes
  6. around 10 devices can be connected at one time, mostly iPhones, iPads and Kindle tablet. The Kindle tablet had an unusually high bandwidth use so I lowered it in the QoS, but nothing else is using much at all. No, i do no turn off the router at night.
  7. I'm on Can't really afford another router, so isn't really an option.
  8. Every morning I'm waking up to an angry family saying they have no WiFi, all my wired connections work flawlessly but the wifi is so intermittent its painful. The only fix I have found is to change the wifi channel and it comes back instantly doesn't matter what channel i put it on. I've done an analyser and found that channel 6 is best for me at the moment, so I always have it set to that. My set up is simply the Netduma plugged into at BT Smart Hub, Netduma is in the smart hubs DMZ and everything in the house goes through the Netduma as WiFi is turned off on the Smart Hub. My Smart Hub and Netduma are completely segregated from anything wireless. they sit on their own in the middle of the living room. The system log on the Netduma constantly shows these messages - user.warn com.netdumasoftware.settings: Error opening wireless-mirror with error wireless-mirror: No such file or directory. kern.info dpiclass-daemon: Kill flow due to timeout kern.warn kernel: [145584.580000] HTB: quantum of class 10001 is big. Consider r2q change. any help would be appreciated, my Netduma is getting old now got it in October 2015, could it be on its last legs?
  9. Would I be right in thinking that’s the last set until Monday?
  10. Azlios

    Destiny 2 Forsaken PVP gameplay 30+ kills and 2 all medals

    really sorry, but I don't have the Destiny 2 profile that you are using. edit - my bad seen you have the XR500 using DumaOS and im on the lowly R1 on the old software.