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  1. No worries, completely understand how difficult this would be to sort. It's just reassuring knowing you're attempting a fix. I appreciate the update.
  2. Any update or news on this?
  3. I don't mean to derail this thread but, is there any modem you recommend so I can remove my Smart Hub from my set up. I tried an Openreach Huawei HG612 but it cut my speeds in half. I've been eyeing up a TP-LINK AC1600 Wireless Gigabit VDSL/ADSL Modem Router, Archer VR600, V2 but not sure if it's any good.
  4. These are all from a quick search on the forum with similar issues across all platforms. There was even a firmware for the xr500 to help alleviate this issue. Granted they may be completely different issues and its not as simple to say here look everyone else has the same problem as me but I do think there are quite a few people out there having the same WiFi issue, and probably don't understand whats causing it, me included. Lots of people like me too that have had it since the 1.03.6 update. Like I said before though, I'm sure it's not a simple fix and will probably take some time, but now its on your radar I'm happy to think you'll have it fixed soon. ^^"They're different platforms and therefore different issues. This one is for Netgear to fix. If once DumaOS is released on the R1 WiFi issues continue we will be able to look into it further and have a fix."
  5. It used to have a static IP but since it didn't help the situation its all set up to be automatic again. I'll try keep an eye on the system info page as much as I can on Thursday next week to try and see whats happening when it drops.
  6. nope I tend not to change anything like that as I don't really understand any of it. Only thing I changed was the lease time to a week when asked to.
  7. I've kinda accepted it at this point, can't even imagine where you guys would even consider to start, so many possibilities as to why this is happening. I have to be honest my Duma is pretty beat up, its been dropped a couple times and is still battling through. I also don't think this is just a Duma issue. I reckon it might have something to do with BT too if George is also on BT? The Smart Hub really is a dreadful piece of kit. Knowing you guys are aware and looking into it is some piece of mind though, just thought I'd let you know its appreciated.
  8. That's what I have mine set at that's why its every Thursday. I have had this issue since the last Original R1 update 1.03.6j This was my original thread. Everytime it goes down that "user.warn com.netdumasoftware.settings: Error opening wireless-mirror with error wireless-mirror: No such file or directory." is always there along with DHCP issues and RSN handshakes being incomplete.
  9. yeah, gave all 24 devices static IP's it didn't make a difference. The weirdest part about it is I don't even need to restart the Duma or anything to fix it, all I do is change the WiFi channel and it comes back. I end up rotating through channels 1,6 and 11.
  10. Just wanted to add mine is still having this same issue. Every Thursday, WiFi drops.
  11. It's fixed it yeah, will try and see how high I can raise it though until the issue returns.
  12. New update, if I put anti bufferbloat to 10% it finally starts doing its job.
  13. so another update on this, got rid of the firestick, replaced it with a Roku. Same issue, QoS is doing nothing to stop it. Tried reinstalling 2.1.3 to see if I had a bad install, didn't make a difference.
  14. There was nothing on the hub. I seemed to have fixed it though. I changed the video quality on the fire tv from best to better and its gone from using around 15-20Mbps to using like 0.4-2Mbps when in use. Now it's not using enough bandwidth to cause me to lag.
  15. unfortunately being connected straight to the router didn't make much difference, if any at all.