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  1. crunkjuice1

    XR700 vs XR500

    Great explanation killhippie. This is what we need to hear. I'm using an older netgear X8. Game consoles are wired directly into router. Wireless for gaming is not even thought of here. The dumaOS is the main item that is separating these routers from other manufacturers. Let's say I have a XR500 and a competitor on the opposite team has a XR700 all things being equal for example aside from reaction time who has a faster router actively helping them win? This might be a question for the folks at netgear.
  2. crunkjuice1

    XR700 vs XR500

    Both are great routers on paper. Although I returned the xr500, I'm waiting for the xr700 myself. My house has 2 roku, 2 Xbox one's, my ps4, laptop, iPad, 5 android phones and will be adding security cameras to the mix. Everything going in various orders in time. I assume the more memory along with the quad core chip will help the xr700 handle everything going on. Game consoles don't use much "mbps" upload or download. I have att uverse gig service and within the dumaOS game play never passed 10mbps for each console. Average usage per console was about 3 to 4mbps per console. The main thing that sets this router apart is the dumaOS software. This is the deciding factor for us "gamers" the xr500 and xr700 hardware and if you use plex or that 10g network switch For Lan parties.
  3. Hello everyone. Although I returned my xr500 router I have not given up hope on the brand or the the software that is being used in the gaming models. I am at a loss thinking about everything I tried to do from following the basic settings, to reading and watching videos for a week before I purchased the xr500. My internet service is att fiber 1000, I have the bgw210 gateway set to pass through mode to allow the old netgear X8 router to do all the work. Pass through mode in the gateway is set per dslreports instructions over in the att uverse boards. The only thing that I did not do is when you configure the bgw210 to pass through mode you need to save the routers MAC address into the gateways interface. This is the one thing I didn't do. I'm wondering if this was behind the lag I was experiencing? I'm going to look into this some more, but I wonder if any net duma employees have this gateway with att fiber BGW210 set in pass through mode? If so did they update the stored MAC address in the gateway? Has anyone mentioned this or tried this step if the have the same ISP service? When you initially set the gateway in pass through mode you save the current routers MAC address in the gateway, and like me in all the excitement completely forgot to update this? Can anyone try this out and see if it helps? I might or might not be on to something but it's worth a try.
  4. crunkjuice1

    Black ops 3 inconsistent/laggy games

    For the sake of asking. What can a isp do? On his 4th hop he is having packet loss correct? Reason I'm asking is although I returned my xr500 I did do like was requested in using ping plotter. When I set ping plotter to google and start running speed tests while the whole house is online I get spikes on the 9th hop. After that the line calms down. Funny thing is with my old router all games works fine.
  5. crunkjuice1

    Anti-BufferBloat Causing Lag

    My apologies again to the OP. Thank you all for the advice. I returned the xr500 today. From the looks of things across this board the xr500 has growing pains going on. I will stay watching for updates regardless. Hopefully things will get ironed out in the coming months. Take care and thanks again.
  6. crunkjuice1

    Anti-BufferBloat Causing Lag

    I bought this xr500 router on Sunday. Set everything up now tonight after work I get on destiny 2 on ps4 and it was the most horrible experience I have ever had in a game. I'm sorry for posting in this thread but this makes me want to take router back for refund. It's horrible to think the xr700 is a few weeks away imagine the failure rate that's going to have. I am reinstalling my old netgear X8.