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  1. crunkjuice1

    R1 and 1000 mbps connection?

    Thanks guys! I knew I seen that somewhere just needed push in right direction!
  2. crunkjuice1

    R1 and 1000 mbps connection?

    I have att fiber 1000 for service. Can the R1 function with this speed tier?
  3. crunkjuice1

    5 consoles and auto ping?

    So how can I set it up so the PS4 is top priority? My old netgear X8 had several settings, Low, medium, high and highest priority. I would put my kids consoles on medium and my console on highest.
  4. crunkjuice1

    Netduma website not secured?

    This shows up when on forum or logged in to the router.
  5. I had seen a map of the server locations for blops4. Anyone care to point me in the right direction please.
  6. crunkjuice1

    Bring Back The Color For Geo-Filter

    I think if the R1 family of developers cut ties with netgear and make something themselves they would be onto a real winner. From what I see these guys talk to the community and also take netgear questions and try to find a answer even if it's out of their hands.
  7. crunkjuice1

    5 consoles and auto ping?

    See edit on post prior please.
  8. crunkjuice1

    5 consoles and auto ping?

    So right now I'm on ps4 and there are two Xbox ones online. Is the auto ping automatically connecting the ps4 to the best server or peer in COD4? Is this what the flower is for? So I can prioritize more towards the ps4? Is the OS capable of getting all consoles the best /lowest ping at the same time on all consoles?
  9. crunkjuice1

    Proper Bandwidth detection.

    Wait until the Christmas shoppers get their hands on this. LOL Yesterday I bought a 4 terabyte external hard drive to put all my games on. Fortnite, warframe, cod4, darksiders, Battlefield 1 to name a few. At first the speeds download can be capped by Sony psn network or could it be hardware related, software related or nothing to worry about? Who knows. Network overview shows a very erratic download.
  10. Put him on the payroll 🖖
  11. If I have all these consoles online at the same time how do I know what server is for which console???
  12. crunkjuice1

    Proper Bandwidth detection.

    Exactly! I could understand if my computer is not up to snuff for my connection BUT the router SHOULD not have a problem detecting bandwidth.
  13. crunkjuice1

    Proper Bandwidth detection.

    Next pictures are snapshot of another AT&T app that has speed test to the modem.
  14. crunkjuice1

    Proper Bandwidth detection.

    So if the detection of proper Bandwidth is not correct what am I supposed to believe? That even though it's not working correctly if I plug in my numbers it will be? How do I know that it's even doing its job right? First picture is speed test that is built into the modem. The second picture is the speed test from the XR500 BEFORE the factory reset. No matter how many times I ran the setup it was always cutting my download in half.
  15. crunkjuice1

    Proper Bandwidth detection.

    Can I make this in my signature? ISP - AT&T FTTH - 1000/1000 GATEWAY - BGW210 set to pass through mode ROUTER - NETGEAR XR500 If it is not detecting my bandwidth then I give up. I'm past the return date. Anyone else in the world curious about netgear "failed to detect bandwidth" issues you are welcomed to use Google and see for yourself how many models and years have gone by with this problem. Netgear doesn't care. I find it very difficult to believe that no one in this community forum has the same setup from isp as it is a very popular and common service here in the states.