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  1. Just adding a +1 for this issue. I've tried all the advice in this thread and still don't see it populate properly. I got maximum 4 ports open over 4 days uptime. Had to reboot at that point to get consoles to connect to party chat.
  2. azza10

    XR500 Black Ops 4

    What happens if you set the geofilter to max range? Does it work? If so you just need to look at where the servers you're connecting to are located. Do this in the geofilter. Set your range and location accordingly. You may not have any servers in range of your current settings. If not, reboot everything and try again. If not, try a reset on the router.
  3. azza10

    Not seeing bo4 servers

    Playing fine here, PS4.
  4. azza10

    Ping Spikes when wifi is ON

    How many devices do you have connected, wired and wireless? Have you repeated this test over a few days? I would first check that the issue is repeatable which would rule out random interference. Reboot all your network equipment.
  5. azza10


    Slight tangent, in System information there is a network status pane where the tooltip says unprioritized packets did not reach destination. This count has remained 0 for me since I got the router. Is the unprioritized packets count in the QoS page a different thing, are these packets being not delivered?
  6. azza10


    Make sure share excess is checked in the QoS flower advanced menu (top left) Do you have trouble with TV applications on a console or PC? How are the devices that you're having trouble with connected? Wired, wireless? A screenshot of your QoS page might be helpful.
  7. Netduma devs specify only to use chrome or Firefox and disable your adblocker on the router page.
  8. azza10

    Dumaos Firmware

    I'm definitely keen if you do. If it ends up not feasible due to legalities in your contract or whatever with netgear, would it be possible to allow separate updating of the main OS and the DumaOS Classified Games/GeoFilter lists? Maybe even the ability to add community sourced priority lists in addition to the dumaos list? My biggest gripe so far is the lack of automatic PC priority rules, and I'm guessing I will have to wait an unknown amount of time (maybe never?) for Netgear to release an update to see this expanded. Manually added priority rules are currently not a great alternative either. There is no way to turn them on or off, only create or delete them. it's a bit tricky to track down which ports to use, and I had to reverse src<>dst to what I have been told it should be to get the rules working. Just tossing ideas out, not sure how easy this would be to do. But I'm guessing when you guys are building a priority filter to be added to the Classified games list that you use some sort of tool to compare like packets across different network captures? If a tool like that could be made for users to create their own filters automatically based on captured packets that would be amazing, and potentially reduce the workload on your team to create filters for new and old games. Especially if it was paired with community priority lists.
  9. azza10

    Dumaos Firmware

    Is there an opt in beta you guys do? I'd be interested if there is the possibility.
  10. Pretty handy, just click on the upload or download bar of a device or all devices to open them up.
  11. As the title suggests, I am downloading Starcraft 2 through the Blizzard Launcher and high priority traffic is being detected by DumaOS classified games. When unchecked high priority traffic goes away, I am the only one using the network currently, and it lists my computer as using a large amount of Mb for 'gaming', sub category 'starcraft'. Attached is a screenshot of the network activity page and a ~10s wireshark log of activity whilst downloading. Starcraft_downloading_through_Blizzard_launcher.pcapng
  12. That makes sense, thanks Admin. That was a good read, I'll check some more of that site out. I think through some more playing around I have answered my own question. When my BF4 prioritisation rule is working (red light on) both upload and download show prioritised packets increasing, which surely means that both upload and download are prioritised by the one rule. Still having trouble wrapping my head around why it works, but that's my problem not yours haha. Thanks, Isaac
  13. Sorry Frazer, I've been flat out with work and I didn't respond to your reply properly. I'm on PC and I also play PS4, but not as much. On PC I am on Battlefield 4 mostly, I also play Ghost Recon Wildlands and a couple of Free to plays. On the sony I play BF4, BF1, a COD or 2, a few other games that don't spring to mind. I am yet to test out the sony on the XR500. So this would be my lack of networking experience showing, but by doing a deep packet inspection I was under the impression that low latency traffic would have certain traits you would look for, and be automatically identified without the need for classification? With the src and dst ports, does that identify both outgoing and incoming traffic, or do I need to set up rules for both? Based on what I see in wireshark, theoretically the rule of SRC: all and DST: 3658-3659 only covers inbound traffic. In practice it doesn't trigger high priority traffic at all. I have played around with in just now while typing this and I must set it up the way I had it initially for it to trigger. I have to duck off just now but I'll get a wireshark capture and head over to the classification area. Thanks, Isaac.
  14. Thanks mate, I'll keep tinkering, cheers.
  15. Hi all, I'm recently received my XR500 and am getting around to setting it up how I want. I gotta say, I'm very happy overall. Only had one speedbump so far, I am getting the error message on V2.3.2.32 where I cannot add an 'advanced' traffic priority rule. I have seen it is fixed in the next version so downgrading has solved this til then. I am playing around getting prioritization to work for BF4 and I have two questions, one general and one for the netduma team. For netduma: How does the Deep Packet Inspection work for identifying high priority traffic on pc? Do packets that are prioritised by DPI trigger high priority traffic detected? So far I haven't noticed it flag any traffic automatically. Is there any data I can provide to help further it's capabilities? Is there a list that specifies what criteria the Dumaos Classified Games applies to, how can I help expand it? And for the general question, I am setting up port prioritisation for BF4 and eventually other games. In wireshark it shows src and dst ports are different. I have a screenshot attached of how I have it set up now which seems to be working, at least for outbound traffic. Do I need a seperate rule for inbound as the src/dst ports are reversed? In my settings the 3658-3659 was pulled from EA's port forward info. I used wireshark to identify which ranges were active during gameplay so I'm not prioritising a bunch of unnecessary stuff. So far it seems only one range is active while playing. I'm not sure what to make of the destination port however, it doesn't appear on EA's port list. I have left the dst port as the full range until I get more data. Have I got it set up entirely wrong? Networking is not one of my strongest points unfortunately. Cheers, Isaac.