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  1. xlr, I've found if you reboot and the device isn't actually connected that will allow you to delete it. the router thinks it still is connected hence why you can't delete it.
  2. azza10

    ping assist issue

    Ping assist is not "only for cod" it just works best in games that use peer to peer connections to establish game servers. For dedicated servers you need to look at which servers are nearby you and set up your geofilter to only allow that server. The reason you need to do this is there is a small pool of dedicated servers which may not be in the right distance or ping range for the router to put you in that server consistently. With peer to peer games you have every other person playing acting as a server. And so there is a much larger number of "servers" to connect to. It's got nothing to do with EA or the game, it's just the difference in network structure. The router fundamentally can't put you on a dedicated server that doesn't exist. You're setting up connection conditions that the router is not able to match for you. What admin is asking you to do is figure out where the server you want to connect to is and set your connection conditions in geofilter to match.
  3. I would try Netgears firmware recovery tool first, just to be sure.
  4. I've noticed blizzard launcher does trigger high priority when downloading using the dumaos classified games list. I have reported this error. I run uTorrent with no issues.
  5. I can see 2 main problems with both requests. I'm no programmer, but I have dabbled a bit. I can see useability issues with dynamic values displayed in a tool tip. For one, the bar you hover over is constantly moving. This means you might have the bar disappear from under the mouse and your tooltip would disappear. With the %, the values inputted are not network maximum speed, it should be your network average speed or even minimum speed if your connection is fairly stable. If your network is running below the values you have inputted into QoS then QoS doesn't work at all. The issue that arises here, if you have inputted your connection values into QoS properly you will get %'s over 100 when something maxxes out your connection. Consumers are stupid for the most part, and having a percentage would create a support nightmare (my network is only using x% on your router or my network is using 120% what gives?) An alternative I would suggest would be the ability to not have the graph dynamically adjust up and down with utilization, and instead has a set range. This would give a visualisation of percentage without confusing users with explicit values.
  6. Alternatively, set your port to something outside the typical ranges used by games. Do you have your Pc set as a game console in QoS as a workaround for the manual traffic rule error on xxx.32? Try disabling that as it covers a lot of ports. If it fixes it try setting utor to Port 15xxx as that's a range I don't see used by games often.
  7. azza10

    XR500 Black Ops 4

    So what happens if you set it to max range?
  8. azza10


    Do you have your console/pc in filtering mode or spectating? Also some servers are required for authentication and are not able to be blocked.
  9. a temporary fix is to roll back to .22 til next update, that will make manual rules work again. you can also try setting your Pc with game console pri, be aware this can prioritise other traffic than game traffic.
  10. the error is a known issue and is supposed to be fixed in the next update. have you tried the basic league of legends classification?
  11. azza10

    Using PayPal

    For myself, and I think for a large majority of people who are forward thinking enough to be cautious of where we enter CC details, that not having paypal isn't the end of a purchase. Consistent good reviews, good return policy, and warranty are a big factor. Couple that with, and I struggle to find the right description here, but a non shady looking website (we all know the style), goes a very long way to convincing me your product is worth the risk. An often overlooked area as well, negative reviews. If you can see a product or company has negative reviews that had a positive or neutral outcome for the consumer they will be much more likely to want to give it a go. Example: Product didn't perform to customers expectation, support attempted to sort the issue however the product just wasn't right for the customer. Item shipped back, refund issued. This is a good negative review. We the consumer can see your support is top tier, and wants the customer to be happy with their purchase. Another example: Product didn't perform as expected. Customer goes to support page where they have to fill in a premade form with options that don't describe their issue. They put it as other and do their best in 120 words or less to describe the issue in the box they're given. Days go by and you finally get a response. It's some canned BS telling you to reboot the product and uninstall, reinstall. You perform the instructed procedure to no effect. Support basically throw their hands up and close your ticket. This is a bad negative review. One I recently had regarding a firmware update issue. I had already done all the canned response instructions before contacting support and expected better. I paid $250 for this experience. End result, my device works currently however isn't recognised by the computer and cannot ever be updated again. Love the product, hate the support. Will not buy another product from them that uses their software interface ever again. I recently had an experience where I bought from an unknown to me company and had to provide credit card details. The experience was in my opinion, exemplary. I received emails at each step of the transaction, order received, payment processed, item in stock at warehouse, order dispatched. I even got a personal phone call from a support staff member just to let me know that they had received my order and it was expected to be shipped the next day. Before I even got the phone call, the consistent communication had already won me. The item arrived less than a week from ordering. This order was worth $36. $36, with free shipping. You can bet your bottom dollar who I'm going to next time I need a product they sell. TL;DR If as a company your goal is to provide a product that you support and endorse, customers will see this and support you. If your goal is make as much money as possible while delivering the least you can and still make sales, you may succeed financially but don't expect long term customers.
  12. I think this would run into technical limitations with RAM and storage, unless you were to plug a flash drive in and they figured out a way to let you log to an external storage device. I agree that a little bit longer window for usage stats would be nice though. Maybe the window could be extended to show 5 minutes of usage?
  13. Can I try this FW as well please?
  14. Known bug, fixed in next update of unknown eta. Roll back to .22 it seems to be the most stable at the moment.
  15. I just attempted to flash to to test previous versions if UPnP worked on them and couldn't get internet to be routed to devices... XR500 was connected via PPPOE and could update itself to latest FW fine but no internet to any devices, wireless or wired. Did a reset using the button after each FW update. Internet persisted to not work on latest FW. Flashed to and reset via the button again and internet started working, set it up with only my laptop on wifi, VOiP phone on wired, PS4Pro on wifi. No IP reservation set up, haven't touched a thing other than configuring internet. Even the wifi is default ssid and password. Run a ps4 connection test and nada, nothing. PS4 NAT type is type 2, Moderate. It should be type 1 if UPnP is working correctly. I connected my PC and ran uTorrent and skype. Both opened ports in UPnP. Photo below, log below. This is all with DHCP reservation off. Starting to feel the same as Killhippie here... Paid rather a lot of money for this router for it to come with a fair few bugs. I understand teething problems and am happy to help get issues diagnosed and fixed, however Netgear don't seem that interested in providing good update support at all. One of the main features of this router is currently gimped on the latest FW because they can't be bothered to push the update that fixes it, manual traffic prioritization rule error. It's been brought up a few times on the forum and been noted and fixed... Where is the hotfix? Quarterly update cycles on a flagship device is a joke. I love what the Netduma team has done with their side of the software, and your presence on the forums is amazing. Netgear is letting you guys down here. xr500 upnp log.txt