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  1. Michael2324

    Help plz

    You guys suck
  2. Michael2324

    Help plz

  3. Michael2324

    Help plz

    I turned dhcp off and when I type it won’t let me access the router
  4. Michael2324

    Help plz

    I’ve done that and can’t access it
  5. Michael2324

    Help plz

    Can anyone assist me please for the love of God. This is insane
  6. Michael2324

    Help plz

    I’ve tried everything and still can’t access the router to turn dhcp back on
  7. Michael2324

    Help plz

    Worst customer service on the face of this earth sheesh. You guys don’t even have a technical support number prayers. Anyone read this don’t waste your time, THEYRE USELESS!! No wonder why ur rating sucks lmao, just ran horribly smh.
  8. I have accidentally disabled dhcp on my netduma and cannot access it now I don’t understand can someone help plz 

  9. Michael2324

    Help plz

    I accidentally disabled dhcp on my netduma and now am unable to access my netduma pls help!