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  1. mproper

    Black Ops 4: General Gaming Discussion (not support)

    Domination (which was always my favorite game mode) kinda sucks on this game. It's easy to tell the maps were primarily built with Control in mind, not Domination. Getting spawn trapped is fine, but when I'm consistently spawning into someone shooting me in the back there is a problem. Other than that, I like the game.
  2. mproper

    Black Ops 4: General Gaming Discussion (not support)

    Played regular game to level 12 last night and a couple rounds of Blackout. My initial impressions are I do like the game, nice change up from COD WW2 which was definitely getting stale for me. The biggest thing that takes getting used to is the self-healing, I keep going to re-load instead of heal after a gunfight and it ends up killing me. The biggest thing I noticed on the regular game was that I am not connecting to any dedicated servers, all peer... which is making the connection really hit and miss. Only time I was connecting to dedicated servers was when I played Blackout. There have been a lot of lost gunfights which felt really glitchy/laggy to me, unlike COD WW2...The old scenario where I see a guy and we both start shooting at the same time, but when I watch the kill-cam it shows him seeing me earlier and emptying half a mag into me before I even started firing. I really hope Activision is providing dedicated servers for the regular game, not just for blackout. When I turned Geofilter on I could not connect to anything in the regular game which was a little disheartening. I don't know if the router needs an update to recognize the servers or not. (not sure how that works). To answer your question about the bots. Yes you can play a local game against bots, I did several before I joined an online game to find tune my controls and such. The ttk is definitely on the high side, probably higher than any of COD game has ever been, but it didn't bother me quite as much as I thought it was going to. I love the pick 10 system being back, and coming from playing WW2 it's nice not to have half of my deaths coming from explosives... The other thing that is not as annoying as I thought it was going to be is the specialists.. While I still maintain they are un-needed, it seems to work fine in the game and none of them are completely OP. My favorite is Recon. Only played 2 rounds of Blackout. Runs very smooth and looks decent. First round I landed and immediately got shot and killed. 2nd round I made it to the final 2, almost won but got killed by the last guy standing. I will say that it plays very much like the beta, but with obvious improvements. So if you absolutely hated beta you probably won't like the full game either. I can get used to the changes, and I see myself liking the game and playing it alot. My biggest concern at this point is what seems to be the lack of dedicated servers for the regular game modes.
  3. mproper

    XR500 VS XR700

    I was also a little shocked to see Netgear has already trumped the XR500 with a new model. Having said that, since the XR500 will continue to be supported on the software side as I'm reading here I'm still feeling very good about my XR500 purchase. The DumaOS is 100% of the reason I purchased the XR500. I don't need any of the extra features the XR700 offers and it's going to be over twice what I paid for my XR500. $500 is really getting up there for a router... even with the beefier specs and features... I got my XR500 on sale at Microcenter for $220
  4. Only time I play Fortnite is when my 9 year old daughter begs me to play it with her. I have tried but cannot get into it, mainly for 3 reasons: 1)Defensive building (by far #1 reason). You will lose every time to the kids running their quick build macros which enable them to NEVER GET SHOT... 2) 3rd person view 3) Cartoon style graphics and feel The Blackout beta was nothing short of amazing for me and it was everything I wanted PUBG to be... It will be the first battle royale game I can stomach playing for more than 30 minutes at a time...
  5. mproper

    Black Ops 4: General Gaming Discussion (not support)

    Initially had some serious doubts but after the beta I'm more excited about BO4 now... Both the regular game modes and the Blackout mode I think are going to be fun. I'm still not a fan of the self-healing in regular game modes and I absolutely hate specialists... (Don't know why we need them!). I'm not in the WW2 bashing camp, I actually thought it was a good game, played to prestige level 220. Was it perfect? No... there are things that to this day I wish they would have changed but overall I feel it was a fun game and worth playing. Also, overall Sledgehammer did a good job making changes along the way to try and accommodate what the community was asking for. I like the pick 10 system the best but for this particular game the division system worked OK. The game became much better after the major division overhaul update. I couldn't get into BO3 and IW so I was just so happy to have a COD game without advanced movement I embraced the game and still enjoy playing it.