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  1. stalker4hire-

    High Ping Dedi Servers

    I kid you not. This morning around 5 am. I logged in and found a quick match of Blackout. I'm tooling around and realize WTH, I've been sitting here waiting to load into the actual game for over 15 minutes. I pull up the Duma and low and behold I am connected to a server in Germany!???! 203ms.... Holy moly. So being of sound mind I must see how this plays out right... The server had 19 people when the Blackout match started. This happened 2 times in a row. I can say this. Lag comp is super strong in this game. I couldn't even feel the lag. I came in 2nd. I swear to you the bullets registered better than my usual 16ms servers here in the US.
  2. stalker4hire-

    High Ping Dedi Servers

    It's a normal issue when games release. The data centers have fat pipes but a huge release can still cripple their network. Physical connections to virtual servers running on physical machines is taxing. Once the "release flu" has subsided the pings will drop back to normal. This is advice only applies to those who are connecting to legit dedis within their normal range and comparing their normal latency. Same happens with 2XP weekends on popular games. Latency can climb higher depending on traffic. period. Also some of the issues could be the fact that with this new release they purchased new IP ranges and host IDs have not updated yet, it takes time. SO you could very well be seeing IP ranges that used to be in Chicago that are technically in New York or Miami. If you had a great ping to Dallas and now an IP that used to belong there is owned by a company who has used the IP for a physical server location of say UK then until the IP registry updates ownership and geo location things are going to be out of whack. Just my two pennies.
  3. stalker4hire-

    DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!

    OK OK OK>...... kicks dirt.... I was wrong. I have been probably the largest of all the babies and have been banned several times over. 🤬 I am here to say, I have an XR500 and own several R1s. This firmware, even in it's infancy on the R1 hardware that we/ME bashed from day one (early adopter) is working flawlessly. It actually works faster and the UI is more fluid than the XR500. I think maybe netgear only allowed for you to port over DumaOS so you're running over the top of their own firmware and that is creating some of the issues. That sucks. Netgear should just wise up and create the Netduma dept and build around you. I just want to give credit where credit is due. I still think your mods are a bunch of wankers and I think you really need to brush up on business acumen BUT that in no way casts a dark shadow on this DUMAOS. At first I thought you guys were belly up and this was the last oorah, poking at us all waiting years for DUMA2.0. I WAS WRONG. Good stuff The only thing I see missing is Ping Assist and Hybrid VPN. Also there are a metric tonne of servers that are misplaced for BO4 PC/PS4/XBOX included I am currently just making a list of good servers and bad. Is there a limit to the size of our ALLOW?DENY list? I'm sure you will ban me again. I'm ok with that. But please answer that question and update the cloud asap. ANd for anyone worried you won't get the firmware, don't. I have several emails listed on the waiting list and mine was sumbitted before anyone ever posted to the forum. I received the email for the upgrade Oct 12th. I am sure they are asking for your address to see where they are rolling it out being easier to recover modems form UK/OZ/and Europe.