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  1. OnlineGamer

    I keep getting peer connections today on b04

    dude I think it has to do with their lag compesantion netcode and a overcrowded servers.
  2. OnlineGamer

    I keep getting peer connections today on b04

    ba42632edf59252a that's an ID that I am getting showing as peer to peer
  3. OnlineGamer

    Cant connect EA servers.

  4. OnlineGamer

    Cant connect EA servers.

    Hello. I am new to the forum, and I have been searching but haven't found anything related to my issue. I have the Night XR500 and it seems like I cant connect to any of the EA servers like Battlefield 1, fifa18 and madden18 (cant say about madden19 but videos showed it is even worse than M18). this issue happens only when I put filtering mode on to my XBOX1X, but when I switch to spectator mode it lets me join the servers. now what Ive noticed is that it is always connecting to a server in California and even if I allow the server it still wont let connect to on FILTERING MODE. switching back and forth is not an issue but that's the only option can I switch back and forth between filtering mode and spectator mode without having to restart the router or do I have to restart the router so that it wont cause me any issues when I game online. thank you and this router and software has been awesome so far.