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  1. S13

    Qos question

    Thank you for advice
  2. Thank you, I shall try. So I will have to do with each and every friend 😢 ? Geo filter blocks party chat too , wow. Omg . Can I create party chat and do this without running a game ? Also if I switch to speculating mode while playing pubg ..... will Party chat work or it will still give Nat error ? Thanks
  3. Hi When I add device ( Ps4) in geo filter, I get Nat type error ( even though ps4 connection status shows Nat Type-2) still in party chat it gives Nat Type error. How do I fix this ? NETDUMA DUMA OS on R1 router
  4. Hi Router setup is same as advised... In Ps4 network test my Nat Type is Type 2. When ever I join party chat, it gives Nat type error. It never happened before. How do I fix it ? Update. Nat type error is caused after Ps4 is added in Geo Filter. How do I fix it ? Thanks
  5. S13

    Qos question

    Hi All devices are connected to Main Router with built-in QOS active i.e (b) Netduma 90/90 , rest devices all 10/10 . So for me its no point having QOS enabled on Netduma , because my main router has builtin QOS. Only device connected to Netduma is Ps4 pro. So netduma gets 90/90 from Main router ( Qos activated on main router config)
  6. S13

    Qos question

    Hi Can I turn Qos off if A) only device connected to whole network is Console ( nothing else) B ) Qos is setup on main router. I.e Netduma gets 90% download, 90 upload, all other devices get 10% download, 10% upload. Pls advise. Thanks.
  7. Made changes, plus plugged ethernet cable in different port on netduma r1. It seems to be fixed. Thanks
  8. Hi My router setup modem etc etc is all fine as advised by Netduma techs. Please read below reason of Topic I created... Regardless of setup : speed fluctuations happen only while Netduma R1 router is running DUMA OS ! When its running Net duma firmware everything is fine. I actually had 1000 upload/1000 download somehow as bandwidth set. I adjusted it back to 70/20 . Hopefully it will fix ? Thanks for link to guide, I shall go through guide n settings tomorrow. But Cod bo4 is working perfect, 30ms lobbies, UK servers. And it takes about few seconds to find a match. Thanks again !
  9. Hi I am using Duma Os. I have download 70mbs , upload 20mbs. Its fluctuates when using net duma r1 duma os, upload drops to 400kbs or lower, and I get kicked from lobby. How to fix speed issues with Duma Os on R1 ?? Without netduma, I have no fluctuations. Full speed ... Please advise. Any recommended settings ? Or full setup ? Thanks
  10. Its working it seems to take a while looking for a lobby . I think thats because its trying to find match in my Geo Filter area. Ping is set to 30 but in game ping varies, between 30 & 70. But its working I haven't experienced lag or anything. Thanks
  11. Nope never. Rebooted Router after Flush Cloud, it appears to be working fine. I will update after few matches
  12. Cod profile selceted, Ping assist 30, Fast search off. Search, expanding search , match with in game Ping 50-60 , Connection interrupted warning Lost connection to host in 3 matches. Trying further...
  13. Hold it until it beeps ! It will beep believe me. Mine took longer than 2 minutes. Its not instant beep. Have a hair pin , or pen refill so u can properly click n hold button. It will