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  1. Hmm, that didn't seem to work, it just made it impossible to connect to the EA servers. Nothing would show but a spinning line. Deleted it and battlefield works again. I will leave it off as I just can't work it out. Thanks anyway. Tried cycling, rebooting, adding, deleting etc. No luck
  2. Cheers, I will turn it on, the only problem is that I live in Western Australia and the closest servers are in Sydney, about 3000km away.
  3. Ok, Will do. I don't use the geofilter, should I? I usually use a server browser to find games
  4. Hi, 1. Yes, the red light is not coming on, even after waiting a while. 2. I had Battlefield as a priority game but deleted it and changed it to just the xbox console being priority, should I delete that too? 3. PPPoE
  5. Traffic prioritization stops working every few days. When it stops, i run a speed test and get and F, confirming it is not working. Turning off the router and running another speed test gets me an A. Thanks
  6. Hi, I just had this happen again. Everything is great for a few days and then it seems to stop. I have sliders at 70%, priority set to always and the xboxonex is connected by lan. Getting an F rating for quality and bufferbloat when this happens. Turning off the router gets me back to an A grade. Turning off the router every few days is annoying though. It has the latest firmware and I have the xbox in a dmz.
  7. My speeds seem good but bufferbloat gets bad after just a few days, resetting the router fixes it but it is getting frustrating going from a router that needed a reset once every 6 months to one that needs it every few days. Solutions?
  8. Thanks, seems to be fine now, it shows on the connection tree 'lan'-xbox and 'wan'-modem. It only had 'wan' before. Cheers
  9. Cool, I will try and record tomorrow when I get time, thanks
  10. Hi, I have an xbox one x wired to the xr500 and every time I do a full shutdown and start it back up, the xbox shows as being offline? I am literally using it but instead of xbox, it says modem? This then screws up all the bufferbloat settings. Rebooting the router seems to fix it but then i have to reboot everytime I turn the xbox on...
  11. Hi, I just got the xr500 but I can't see how to change the names of connected devices. I have two Xbox consoles, an X and an S and they both appear in the qos as xbox. Which one is which? I have assigned both a static IP and called them xboxonex and xboxones in the ip reservation area but that is not carrying over. Thanks