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  1. i figured it out. had to go to network settings and change it from computer to console. thanks.
  2. On DumaOS how do I add my ps4 to the geo filter? When I try it doesn’t let me. Play call of duty and the onlyfan call of duty I see is call of duty(pc)
  3. The lobbies. No matter what settings I used or changed I never got my geo filter and ping assist to work correctly. Been tested since it came out non stop.
  4. 😂😂😂😂😂 I’m extremely sorry. I tried internet explorer and it gave me access. Once again my bad guys.
  5. hey i think i bricked my netduma trying to downgrade. I followed every step on how to downgrade word for word. Im having the same problems everyone else who downgraded are having. I cant access my original duma r1 firmware homepage. I was on 1.3 milestone and didnt like it so i downloaded the original firmware and updated to it. everything was going great and then i got stuck on a spinning boot screen for 5 mins. i have already did the ipconfig and still no luck. Im wired via ethernet directly to my pc from my duma. I have internet access just cant get to the R1 homepage. How can you guys tell people they can downgrade back and then when they try it bricks their router. like WTH? Im extremely pissed.
  6. Hey was the cloud updated in this new update we received today or was ping assist the only thing added?
  7. I have a netduma r1 and I have an Asus rog rapture ac5300. On my Asus I have no problems finding lobbies. But when I disconnected the Asus and use netduma with Duma os sometimes I literally have to wait 3-5 mins. I love I can set my geo filter up with the netduma and see my ping and etc and can block host and servers. That’s the only reason why I’m spending hours of my time trying to make it work. If I can get it to work I’ll use the netduma as my router disable Wifi and use the Asus as an Acess point. But the netduma gives me tons of problems especially when trying to play with friends. I never had these problems in previous call of duty games. Every time I try to play with a friend I allow them on my geo filter list but when I go to play a match it boots us back to the main screen. I’ve tried everything. It don’t always boot us back but it does it enough. and it takes forever to find games.
  8. DumaOS is working way better on the R1 than the original r1 firmware was. I consistently get a stable 24-26 ping every game and I’ve been playing all day. On the original firmware I was only getting 38-60 ping. I love it. Thanks you guys so much
  9. Hey if I set both my sliders to 70% and turn antibufferbloat on only when high priority traffic is detected will I only receive 70% of my internet speed at all times or will I receive my full speed and then when I’m gaming is when I’ll receive 70%? Could someone explain it to me. And what is goodput ?
  10. Okay I will. But could you guys look at he pics I uploaded and tell me how they look
  11. And I ran all of the test idle with nothing running on my network. Only time something was running on my network was during the ping plotter tests .
  12. Connect the modem to Pc and run PingPlotter?
  13. Hey I have a problem. My setup is modem—>netduma R1–>Asus ROG RTAc-5300(accesspoint). My first problem is I was noticing high ping spikes and jitter while gaming so I ran some test on my modem . While running these test I connected a cat 6 Ethernet cable directly to my Arris sb6183 modem to my PC. My internet provider is Xfinity. My speed package is 250 download and 20 upload but with my equipment I get faster. My problem isn’t I’m not getting my speed but I’m getting random ping spikes and latency. I stream a lot but latency and jitter really don’t affect streaming movies but it affects gaming. So I only notice it when gaming. Okay but back to the modem test. I ran a puma 6 test on my modem(arris sb6183) to see if it was going bad and these test came back all red with few green boxes. So I thought maybe the modem is bad cus I’ve had it for a while. So I decided to contact xfinity to get one of their xb6 DOCSIS 3.1 modems and sure enough I ran the same exact test and I had the same results as the arris sb6183. And if I’m not mistaken I think neither one of these modems have the puma 6 chip. I think the arris is a broadband chipset and the xb6 uses a puma 7 . So I found this strange. So I looked on forums and decided to purchase a brand new Netgear cm600 and sure enough again I got the same bad results as the previous two modems. So it made me get to thinking maybe it’s not the modems but it’s something wrong with my line or node in my neighborhood. But I’m not having speed issues. I’m just having latency issues and jitter . So I dug a little deeper and took pics of my modem settings and I did a PingPlotterpro test with my netduma without qos on and with qos on. I really don’t know how to read the PingPlotter test so I would appreciate it if someone could help me.During both test I saturated my home network. And during the test with Qos on I had the upload and download set to 70%. I was streaming Netflix on one tv, 1080p YouTube video on one iPhone, and two iptv streaming services on two TVs. i did both test for 10 mins a piece. My setup during this test is Netgear cm600>Netduma r1>Asus ROG rapture Rtac-5300. And I have a xfinity tech coming today but I want to know what to tell him once he come Modem specs With no qos on and network saturated With qos on and set to 70% and network saturated.
  14. I need help. I’ve ran a Speedtest on speedtest.net and I got my speeds and my ping results. Also I ran this on my 5ghz WiFi and directly plugged up to my router. The pic I uploaded is on my 5ghz WiFi and when I run the test on my pc my ping is normally 13 or 14 and my speed is normally around 275-295 megabits download and 23 upload. So should I use ping assist and set my ping between 13 and 25?