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  1. thank you for the link. An update, after factory resting a few days ago things seems to be improved regarding speed test they seem to be more consist with wireless and wired. the speeds are 150-170 wireless (5 ghz) speed are 160-170 wired speed are 100-120 wireless (2.4 ghz) ill keep testing and provide more updates later on. my setting are set for optimal qos with bandwidth for ps4 set to 30%
  2. sorry im using smart connect where both bands are the same ssid. i understand wireless is not stable method for speed tests but i find difficult for it to be coincidental when i modify those changes the speed increases but when i enabled them after a few mins the speeds are slower. since i should reset my router anyone know of a good resource to optimize my router settings ?
  3. i understand wireless is not a reliable but i have been doing this tests in similar fashions and i consistently get the speed tests i mentioned. As for running these tests i do not see the red light for high traffic prioritization. As for qos not working cause i dont have anti bufferbloat set to always i am not convinced that is true because when changing bandwidth distribution i noticed the numbers would on speed test would change. I have updated the firmware and have not done a factory reset i will do that to see if it helps and perfom wired speed tests. Let you all know the outcome
  4. hello People, so i have come across something interesting. i believe there is some sort of bug with qossoftware. I have everything set to equal across all devices in qos but i notice speed range from 120-40 but when i disable qos i get speeds 150-175 . When i enable qos i get speeds for 150-170 for like 5 mins or so then it goes back down 120-140 but if i click reset distribution button i get 150-175 mpbs. all test were conducted wifi using speedtest.net and the device was an iphone 8. I was wondering if anyone has experience this issue? Also i prefer not to disable qos as this is why i went with the router due to the unique and claims of excellent qos software. Also i am open to suggestion. here is my setup isp: comcast modem: netgear cm-1000 router: netgear xr500 qos setting attached any help much appreciated