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    thank you when you say first part can you be more pacific sorry to ask
  2. Ok guys silly question sorry to ask occasionally a device will appear in my device manager, now sometime i will figure it out but other times totally not sure apart from mac address how do i know, example i have a amazon device AMAZON-93D6F9F68 appeared in my device manager but cant figure out what it is. any help or is ther enothing i can do except delete it
  3. Hi guys just got myseld a ophilips hue hub and when i plug it in to eth 4 the light is red not white, i have tried everything any help or advise please, i have changed cable and reset router all the usual stuff and the app says its conn3ect strangley TIA dave
  4. davewhit

    Ring Doorbell Help

    Cheers hammy but router is on channel 6
  5. davewhit

    Ring Doorbell Help

    Will re try it but I did do that
  6. davewhit

    Ring Doorbell Help

    no nothing, also turned of share access and goodput still the same. totally flumped with it
  7. davewhit

    Ring Doorbell Help

    It is disabled mate thanks, I have tried everything I can think of, just worried it’s a setting that’s on my new router that wasn’t on my old router causing the problem
  8. davewhit

    Ring Doorbell Help

    Firstly yes got it sitting on top of the router lol and the chime pro in plugged just 3 foot away, I have moved it round to different areas close to the router and still the same. The idea is you connect the chime pro to ur network and then link the doorbell to the chime pro as it’s a WiFi extender. Yes got channel on 6 never changed it since I got the bell roughly 6 months ago been great up to last week when the chime pro stopped working. They sent a replacement nothing and now this is second replacement. Not sure about port forwarding as when u link the bell to the chime pro the router only sees the chime pro in device manager which is there. If I set the doorbell to my WiFi bypassing the chime pro it sees it perfect but as the WiFi is poor on this device once I move it to front door the signal is not brill and then causes problems as I get lag delay on notifications and the bell. They only thing I haven’t tried is changing my router back to my old one but I wouldn’t of thought that this was an issue as every device I have has found the new router perfect and the chime pro dies and it even says when setting up it finds my bell but then comes up with the above pic details
  9. Hi guys just wondering if anyone has had issue with Netgear XR500 and ring doorbell 2, i can set up everything individually Chime Pro, doorbell 2, but when i try to link chime pro and doorbell 2 through the app it wont do it see attached. I am trying to connect to a chime Pro even though it says get one. I have had two Chime Pro replacements from ring and still the same. they have gone through all the procedures and nothing. Ring only use 2.4GHz so cant change frequency and most ring devices will only work on Channel 6 so thats all ok. im stumped any help guys, all devices and router is using latest firmware and like i said if i set them up individually not linked to chime pro the doorbell works but signal very weak thats why i need Chime Pro wifi extender. TIA
  10. You need either to get IP address for either Xbox or MAC address which ever is easier, once you get them when you click on the device in device manager match the IP or MAC address to them and then rename them
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    Ok guys how does the VPN work on the XR500, never used a vpn so is it a matter of just enable it or is it a bit more complicated than that.cheers TIA
  12. davewhit

    Loads of Help

    Ok guys think it’s good news reset router and now getting lower pings in my games which sounds like it’s sorted fingers crossed. Still got a lot to learn with this xr500 but thanks for your help
  13. davewhit

    Ping Panel?

    Sorted sorry
  14. Hi guys i have reset my router and all back upo and running but cant remeber how to get Ping Panel back up any help please, also i cannot allow or disallow any servers sorry to be a pain
  15. davewhit

    Loads of Help

    ok guys will try factory reset and see how that goes will get back to you all