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  1. Is this the same firmware with ping assist?
  2. JimPaps

    Proper Bandwidth detection.

    Any idea why my whitelisted server is in another country? Does that make a difference?
  3. May I have the beta too
  4. Yea. No devices. Just wanted your opinion on wether that amount of jitter should warrant a call to my ISP.
  5. Even tho the spikes arent too high, is this normal for a ping plotter? SHould I call my ISP? Plugged directly in the modem too and theirs not much difference.
  6. Its being used because IPs are running out for ipv4. Ps4 doesnt even use ipv6 so in this case, there is no practical use.
  7. JimPaps

    50% download speeds with XR500 (AT&T's fault)

    in the XR500 where you can disable the QOS. If you let the XR500 do the speedtest to set up the router it will only put it at 500 for some reason. You have to manually change the number to 950 or whatever your speed is or just disable the "good put" box.
  8. JimPaps

    50% download speeds with XR500 (AT&T's fault)

    I have att fiber with no issues. Do you have good put selected? Even if you have QOS disabled if the good put is checked it will reflect those numbers and I noticed if I did the initial speed test the router does when it sets up, the highest it sets it to automatically is 500
  9. JimPaps DNS

    DNS has no effect on ping whatsoever. It is nonsense. DNS provides name resolution services and that is it. Nothing more and nothing less. Your internet connection does not go through the DNS server, nor would routing through it improve your speed as chances are you will be going through several other connections (potentially on the wrong side of the world) before heading back to where you wanted to go. This does not happen normally anyway.
  10. JimPaps

    TV box question

    How would i go about doing that?
  11. Hey guys, you may or may not know the answer to this but I have ATT Fiber so my TV is connected through my modem obviously. Should I keep that TV box and the wifi repeater for my other TVs stay connected to the modems or just connect them to my XR500? Will that have any affect towards the QOS if i keep it hooked up to my Modem in bridge mode? Im asking this because when I first hooked everything up initially, the DVR wasnt working when it was plugged into the XR500. It could have been that I wasnt patient enough and didnt reboot everything properly so im just curious if keeping those plugged into the modem will have any ill effect.
  12. JimPaps

    Nat Filtering

    ps4 doesnt even support ipv6, so that wouldnt even make a difference right?
  13. JimPaps

    Nat Filtering

    Really? Opening 3075 and 3076 will open ps4 as well? I was just curious because as of late too, its been harder to find lobbies with the same settings I had before. Idk if its the new firmware or what.
  14. JimPaps

    Nat Filtering

    3 during some nights. I dont care about vulnerability. So im assuming I should keep upnp off when having that option open?
  15. I noticed when I turned off UPNP and tick Nat Filtering from secured to open, I get an open nat on my most devices but I still get Nat issues occasionally. Im not entirely sure what that option does but I tried it out because I have multiple ps4s on my network playing at the same time and that was the only way we could connect with each other and with a person outside of my connection. Does that not fully open up the necessary ports or should i just UPNP or foward/trigger and live with my results?