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  1. Username: Admin Password: password
  2. I got the email yesterday and I downloaded DumaOS. You guys are doing a great job! I'll post any noteworthy feedback here 👍
  3. Attackerman

    Black Ops 4 Support

    Ok Roger That, I'll double check the ID.
  4. Attackerman

    Black Ops 4 Support

    Hello Fraser, First and foremost the R1 is working great and my experience with it on BO4 has been exceptional. I attached two pictures describing the dedicated server of New Jersey. Usually when I boot up the game I do it on the lowest radius (68.97mi) with no ping assist. The server runs well on 10-15 millisecond ping. However, the same server will sometimes ping at 35-45 Millisecond when I boot it up and describe it as being over 800 miles away. I've played 2 games with these descriptions and they ran regular. Here's the ID: 496c5e2909e8383d
  5. Attackerman

    Black Ops 4 Support

    Hey Everyone, I play on the PS4 and I use the original R1 gaming router without Duma OS. I'm In NYC and I connect to the dedicated server in New Jersey when I play BO4. I set my geo-filter at 300 miles with no ping assist. I always party up with a team of 5/6 people to play BO4. I find games very quickly and occasionally I'll get the "Lobby is not Joinable." My experience has been great so far playing BO4. Here's the thing, the "Lobby is not Joinable" happens occasionally to my friends when they host their own 5/6 person party without me. They don't have Netduma's with geo-filter. I think it's mainly a Call of Duty thing.