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  1. iTz Gandhi

    DumaOS Dashboard performance.

    Omfg.... I'm in love with a router. True story... Sad Lyfe. One more quick question, I just recently (as in the past year).became super interested in networking and routing and network/internet optimization so I'm still fairly new. Question is routers serve as a firewall mostly and an instrument to distribute one public IP into many LAN IPs but they also act as a medium for complete control over ones network and for gamers that's crucial for optimizing network and gaming performance. As technology evolves will routers continue to be a crucial and intrical part of networking or will they become a forgotten technology?
  2. Hi, been reading the forums for several months now. Big fan of Fraser and always trying to learn as much as I can. Question about the dashboard.. Is there a limit to how much I can pin and if so could "over pinning" affect the routers performance? I love the dashboard and I like to have a fair amount of things pinned but I don't want to cause issus. Thanks in advance.