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    VPN Users Required

    Yes I would like to Test the beta I use the XR500 I use NordVPN
  2. I think instead of waiting on Netgear every time there is an update you guys should make it so that getting DumaOs directly from the source(Netduma) an option. We should get the option of choosing between getting the Netgear version vs Netduma's. Personally I'd rather get the OS from Netduma while Netgear provides the Hardware.
  3. I'm having some issues with Traffic Prioritization specially on port 80. It causes my upload buffer bloat to go extremely high. any suggestions?
  4. I wanna know the difference between these two, because I don't know if I should keep the XR500 or sell it so could get the XR700. I purchased my XR500 about two months ago now you guys have another version coming out.
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    hello I have NordVPN how can I set it up with XR500 router?
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    You guys should have a feature for the Anti-Bufferbloat where you'd have an option to scan your network to better position the sliders automatically for the best possible latency instead of having to mess with it everyday. Also, down bellow in the pic is an example of a feature in Advance Tomato when you're playing a game you'd go in the menu and see all the ports currently being use. I think it'd be dope if you guys had a feature similar to that with the inclusion of a Prioritization on/off switch next to them so we'd have the option to prioritize any them as we please during the game. You guys are fantastic!
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    is it possible to see what ports are in use while playing, kind of like the way Advance tomato has it?
  8. I don't know why but these settings works for me. I used to have a lot of issues with mine, lately this is what's finally work for me. -Put Console on DMZ, turn off upnp. -unchecked DumaOS classified games, prioritize ports 1-65535 UDP, and Ports 3000-40000 TCP for my PS4 - I keep my sliders at %20, but you could play with yours a little to find what % works for you. ( for the speed I put the number I'm supposed to get, not what the test gives me).
  9. soccerjean17

    Advance Traffic Prioritization

    alright I'll try that thanks a lot for your help.
  10. soccerjean17

    Advance Traffic Prioritization

    I thought maybe if I prioritize these ports on the ps4 it would help a little. The link is down below. https://portforward.com/networking/static-ip-ps4/
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    Lag and connection drops

    Thank you! I will try it.
  12. soccerjean17

    Lag and connection drops

    currently dealing with the same issues.