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  1. If it was inaccurate I can see why it was rarely used or seen as useful, but when it is accurate it is very useful. Seeing the ping is just one part of the equation to determine if a match is going to play well. Jitter is a quick way to identify a wifi user as their jitter is worse and packet loss was a quick way to tell if someone had bad line quality. I'm currently having to use just the ping that has no adjustments to try and determine these things on the fly which would be easier if I could analyze a 5 minute chart after my match for example. The most useful thing for SFV would be an accurate geo filter (it shows the wrong location a lot currently) with proper locations of worldwide servers. Next would be a ping bar similar to what we have now, but that you could adjust the graph/time on. Currently you can only see 10 seconds of the graph and the current range it's in. This makes it difficult to determine the connection over a match which helps you weed out which players you want to block because they have bad connections due to wifi or poor line quality. Being able to change the time line to 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes etc would be helpful. Also adding an indicator of jitter/pocket loss would be helpful in determining this easier. Something as simple as Jitter: Xms and Pocket Loss: X with X being the avg ms in time and the amount of packets dropped since pinging the player. If I see 15ms and 20 packets dropped I'm going to black list that person, because even if the ping is 9ms that match is going to be absolutely terrible to play. SFV uses a rollback netcode with a time synced clock to compensate for latency. Jitter is the biggest problem in these types of games. It would also be helpful for users if there was an analysis tool that notified you if a connection was being blocked. This wouldn't be something that was on all the time, but you could check it as a test to see if your ports were opening correctly or blocking players when searching for games. The biggest problem I'm seeing with setups is people not having their nat setup right or certain ports just being blocked in general so a match cannot take place. I mean currently in my logs it's saying I'm being DoS attacked by microsoft and valve servers which shouldn't be happening. [DoS Attack: ACK Scan] from source:, port 9757, Tuesday, August 28, 2018 09:38:05 [DoS Attack: ACK Scan] from source:, port 443, Tuesday, August 28, 2018 09:19:10 Having an analysis tool that told me this and then helped adjust my settings to allow those ports to open would be extremely helpful for people who don't understand how networking works. These are the kinds of things I'd like to see streamlined.
  2. I hope streamlined doesn't mean options will be removed like I noticed with host analysis not being in DumaOS (being able to see jitter, etc is a huge plus especially when it comes to fighting games). I personally will still want to be able to adjust device settings if the need arises. Also any update on the SFV testing? Did you get the servers whitelisted?
  3. That's great news. Will you also be adding a profile for SFV that is compatible with a PC device? I currently have to set my PC in devices to an xbox to get it to work as a steam game otherwise it won't show servers or pinged players in the geo filter. PS4 console appears to be working correctly however.
  4. The device is added as a console, either PS4 or XBOX.
  5. You should be able to use the same game from when you originally tested if you still have it. The Arcade Edition update is free. Just has to be downloaded. There's no need to buy arcade edition unless you want the season 1 and 2 passes which is just characters.
  6. Thank you. In the meantime I'm going to hold off on my testing of how match making works with SFV since the geo filter ping locations are now in question. I originally thought the game was pinging worldwide, but now that I've confirmed a ping in Oklahoma is registering to So Cal I can not longer use netduma to confirm the servers are searching worldwide for matches.
  7. I should also mention I'm getting pings showing players in Oklahoma, but the ping is giving me a domain name in Southern California (socal.res.rr.com). Is the geo filter misreading the IP or is something else going on here? If this isn't showing accurately is it possible the geo filter is wrong when it's showing people on the map in south america and africa? If that is the case then the geo filter map isn't helpful with this SFV at all.
  8. So why is SFV listed as a fully supported game if it's not in your DPI or initially read by the geo filter without some tweaks? Shouldn't you have a profile that has an assigned list of servers that are allowed for SFV and approximate range to get good matches if it's fully supported? To suggest it is would mean you'd turn SFV and geo filter on and it would get you a match within that geo filter location and only that location, but that is not what happens. The geo filter can be used to find where people are at and their ping and that's it. It cannot filter out bad connections or players from remote distances as the server will bypass any blocked ports and direct the game through it which makes the game worse than it would have been otherwise. I bought this router after I read SFV was fully supported because I thought it was optimized for SFV to get better matches, but when I got it I figured out I had to basically disable everything to get it to work and I still had to do the filtering myself. I get why you guys are at the whim of the game matchmaking, but to say it's fully supported and gets you the best possible match is a stretch and can be viewed to some as false advertising. Please look into this and either get this game fully supported or remove it.
  9. NAT is secured in the router, but port is opened to the connected player. Windows firewall also has StreetFighterV.exe app listed in the exceptions list so it shouldn't be blocking anything. Here is a video showing exactly what is happening when I do matchmaking in SFV if you'd like some more insight: https://youtu.be/RIKAh4bBE_c If you seeing anything that looks odd let me know. I've tried open ports, triggering ports per SFV guidelines, placing my PS4 into the DMZ and it all still functions the same so I think everything is setup right but others have mentioned issues with netduma and SFV. How much testing have you guys done with SFV? It would be cool if you could get some things optimized as currently there is no profile for SFV.
  10. Netduma doesn't really work with SFV. The reason is there's a centralized server that connects everyone worldwide and what it does it pairs you up to another player by having both of you ping each other to play peer 2 peer. If you try to force a localized area with the geo filter the servers will take over and try to connect you through the server itself. You'll see three dots when a game starts vs two dots and the person on the geo filter will be shown as the triangle (the game will play terribly as its through the server rather than peer 2 peer). Here is how I got it to work on the night hawk. It's probably different than your R1 but it might give you some ideas to test. In the Geo Filter for PS4 add device and select PS4. For your PC go to device manager and change it to xbox, then go back to geo filter and add device and select your PC and it will add it as a console. This is the only way I could get it show who it was pinging on the PC through Steam. After that change the geo filter settings to filtering mode, turn off strict mode and auto ping host (essentially you are disabling it). Then set your fight request to 5 bars only and ask. Then on the geo filter you can set a radius if you want (just for visual purposes). I find 1000 miles is pretty good for fighting games, and then visually look to see where the game pings players. You'll usually see a person pinged and then you'll hear a new fight is coming your way. You can then ping that person to confirm the ping is good and if they are in the country you want to play against. As for the netcode being changed. It hasn't as far as I can tell, but Capcom did change to Amazon servers like a year and half ago due to disconnecting issues they were having with the original servers. I'm kind of shocked at how quick the admins went to blame the developer without testing this themselves. They say SFV is supported but there isn't even a profile for it, so it makes you question if they've even tested the game at all.
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    dos attack

    Yeah doesn't seem to be affecting anything.
  12. I would be with you on the browser, except it only happens against the same set of people. If I play anyone else it works normally. I'll flag some people and do a video so you can see what I'm talking about. Here is a video of what I'm talking about with slow to intermittent ping readings. This person was also on wifi. It might be because of that. Found another one. Wifi as well. Doesn't seem to happen to people that are hard wired though, so I'm going to use this as a way to weed out wifi users.
  13. No I don't not have auto ping host on. You have to manually select for P2P as there is no host technically. When I leave it on it stays connected to the main server and not the player. I went ahead and asked the user and they said they were on wifi, so not sure if that played a part. It only happens to certain people so that I might be it. It would be cool if it was because of that because then we could identify wifi users as well.
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    Router to work with TCL Roku enabled TV

    I have the same tv and have had no issues logging in or watching prime?