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  1. Oh, okay. Can you give me some idea to recover the router Or something to try please?
  2. Thanks for the support! I were inspecting the power reset button again try to push different times, I see some lights turn on and off and a few second later sound a Beep but still without show any activity. The thing that makes me curious it's the fact about the lights shows activity when I push the button but dead in the next steps. Reading about the router in the datasheet, the OpenWRT forums and the Mikrotik forum, there's a way to force the installation with serial or even try to put it in something called "netinstall". I read there's a possibility to recover the minimal functions with that so I wanna know if you can help me after I try that. My idea is try to install the OpenWRT with the tool "netinstall", leave in bridge mode my ISP hub, configure SSH and SFTP to access from outside and give the data access to you (support) to try the upgrade again from there. Or even if you want to use TeamViewer is not a problem. I have nothing else to loose, after all my R1 is death at the moment and I just want to recover the router in anyway possible. If my idea is not insane and probable to work, if you can help me with this at the point to upgrade will be great! Thanks in advance and sorry for my english. Regards
  3. Okay, hi again. Here's the update of the situation. I try holding the button reset as you said and the router make a sound like "beep" and I see it, but I have no access at all to the interface. First I try with dynamic IP, then with static IP. In both cases it fails the connection. I try buying a new ethernet cable too, but still failing. So it's not the cable and it's not my notebook cause I connect direct to the modem and I can connect to internet. I sent you a PM with an idea. For now I still researching about the problem. Thanks for your help. Regards
  4. https://imgur.com/a/dey2c5M There is the SS from the console. I search in google and it looks like it doesn't get IP. And yes, the router blinks the leds one time when I plug the energy. But it doesn't response when I plug an Ethernet cable in port number 2 to connect with my laptop. Is there any other way to upload or force the upgrade with software and the router? Thanks for your help!
  5. Thanks for response! I bought the router to a reseller here in Argentina 3 days ago, IDK if it's official reseller or not, the product was on Mercadolibre, same as eBay. The point is, if it's bricked, is something possible to do? Like repair it or connect with special tool to recovery? Thanks, I'll send an email asking, but can you give me some info about what options do I have if it's bricked? 'Cause I understand if the router is bricked then it's almost dead... So if I can do anything to recover will be appreciated, I don't want to spent another 250 in the router
  6. Hi! I'm Franco, a few days ago I bought a Netduma R1 in Argentina, it worked fine until yesterday when I try to upgrade. When I was upgrading the electricity power have lost, everything turned off and when it come back I see the R1 begin the booting but I have no access at all and I can't see the wifi or access direct with cable. My question, is there any way to recover from this? I read the wiki and I try to put the, and the http://r1, but nothing happens. The last thing I try is connecting a different computer to the router to try the configuration again and recover from factory pushing the button of reset, but doesn't work. I'm typing from my cellphone at the moment, so If you can give me some Idea will be useful. Thanks in advance.