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  1. May I pls.have that firmware pls getting tired of this 32 version
  2. Β  need the Radom disconnects that you pm me before pls. this 22 and 32 firmware not good

  3. Adnin

    glitching and rubberbanding

    yeah I feel that 2 but also noticed that if I put my self on west coast set in from the west about 3 states in US set radius 1839km I get to play on my eastcoast side montreal server instead of est to west game play is horrible even if is my location near the motreal server still acts the same puts me in west or higher ping.so I tried what I said above got decent games.
  4. Still watching, wanting, no firmware yet 5 days now
  5. 5 days Now still no firmware just 2 boot leg ones from PM's this is just horrible.not you guys netduma team but from going to 😎😁😱to 😟😞😭 from a PM's
  6. And my email was recently changed and verified
  7. Great so I will downgrade then you know this really stinks I thought that the first one really was I can't believe people. Come on guys.
  8. I pmd you Sorry big fingers
  9. Fraser I am you This type of file can be harmful I can't believe it people just be patience.also need to know if these links are official and how do you know if they are.
  10. How do you know if link is official I have 2 that where sent to me This is not a game.
  11. When's the next batch 2days so far Since I submitted
  12. So awesome! Netduma R1 has been #1 The best gaming router Netduma And mikrotik . When I had just received it from UK I first put it on and I was amazed at how it just worked like a beastπŸ€— and know this awesome new application. Hope you guys can make knew Netduma r1 or r2 with the high speed bandwith of speed test reaching 1000mbps.that is all it needs.to me it will always be #1 This xr500 is just too buggy. Great job Netduma team and mikrotik team.
  13. Also having connection drops please send me Firmware to help