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  1. After the update I’m still getting the wired disconnects..it’s getting frustrating at this point
  2. when i got off work it said i had no connection ..rebooted it fixed it ..went to bed got up the same thing..is there a timer to shut off my routers connection after a certain time plz..help..i have wifi when it does this..
  3. nvmd i bought it ..hopefully it can handle my speeds
  4. would the nighthawk be able to handle those speeds..if so ill buy it
  5. my speed thru them r 460 dwn and 22 up..i put400 and 20 in the cc..and my speeds r no where near that thru thru the r1
  6. called my internet provider..and got my speeds increased..and i reput my info in the congestion control and my speed r cut in half ..plz help ...my speeds thru there modem r fine but its not working thru the r1 duma