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  1. Can some one help me set it up? i get error when trying to connect
  2. seems to be working! thanks!
  3. will it fix the issue with PS4 party?
  4. How do i add them to the allow list?
  5. Hi, i got my R1 last week and i'm having major issues. i'm using my modem/router in bridge mode and my R1 as router. when i test connection on my PS4, i have NAT type 2 (open), also in COD WWII i have NAT type: open. the issues are when i want to enter PS4 chat party, i get this NAT type error and i can't talk with my friend. also i can't enter COD WW2 party and no one can join me. i sometimes manage to fix it (maby when i turn of GEO filter and reboot) BUT the reason i bought this router is for the GEO filer, so i need a better fix. i tried all of the guids i found. i need some one please to help me. couse altough the GEO filter is awesome! i always play with friends and i can't do it now. it takes a lot of time to fix it everytime and i'm not always mangae to succeed. Can someone please help me fix it? the situastion is really frustrating. Setup: PS4 PRO | Moder/Router: D-Link 6470u (Bridge mode) | Router: NetDuma R1 - all connected wired.