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  1. Yes, I was able to connect the PC directly to the modem, reboot it (the modem), and make a successful connection to the VPN. Also, the geo-filter is not enabled.
  2. What firmware version are you on? 1.03.6h What speeds do you get from multiple speed tests? 14ms/93Mbps down/9Mbps up, 19ms/91Mbps/9Mbps What is your current setup? Arris Modem > R1 > All Devices What is your specific issue? (Provide as many details as possible. If it is a lag issue include the screenshots from here in your post) Issue is that when I attempt to use a VPN client on a specific PC (Windows, Palo Alto Global Protect) I'm unable to successfully connect to the VPN. It initially connects and I can see outbound packets in the connection dialog box, but I never receive inbound packets. This client has tested successfully at "open" WiFi locations, such as Starbucks and on other corporate "guest" networks. It does not work from home however. Our previous client, Juniper Network Connect, connects without any issue. Any other information (such as settings you may have previously tried). All other connectivity is working great; no lag to speak of, gaming works great on both Xbox and PS4. Modem Info: ARRIS DOCSIS 3.0 / PC 1.5 Touchstone Telephony Modem HW_REV: 3 VENDOR: ARRIS Group, Inc. BOOTR: SW_REV: 9.1.103J6J MODEL: TM1602A