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  1. Hi Fraser, Thanks for the quick reply. I guess that it didn't work in the previous firmware either then? Still, VPN Hybrid sounds promising, looking forward to seeing it released! Thanks again for your reply, Jason
  2. Hi there, I've been using VPN on and off to help stabilise my ping since I got my XR500. It works pretty well, and gives me a ping in the sweet spot of 40-60ms. Pre the latest update (v2.3.2.22) I thought traffic prioritisation worked with VPN? Currently, it doesn't seem to. Anyone know for sure if it should? Also DumaOS doesn't seem to log any packets under traffic prioritisation while VPN is active either - is that normal? It's a shame because, I still want the traffic to work if I'm using the VPN - my family still has a podcast and youtube habit - regardless of VPN or not! Thanks in advance for any help, Jason
  3. Weirdly, I just went back in to check again(via Chrome), having seen your reply Fraser - and the option has now reappeared, complete with my password once more! I hadn't done anything different, the Enable VPN Client was checked previously and no go. Could it be just slow at loading that part of the OS? Who knows, at least its working again! Thanks, and sorry to waste your time Frazer.
  4. Hi, I've been using the HMA VPN client on my new XR500 over the last couple of weeks. It been really useful for fixing latency issues I've been having for online games, on occasion. Today I rebooted my router and, upon going to active the VPN, I discovered that the drop-down menu is now unpopulated, just an empty white box. Same for Country and for City (though I guess that is to be expected, with no service selected). The VPN had been fine before the reboot, as I had switched it on earlier in the day (it was off when I rebooted though). Interestingly, my username is still active in the username field but my password has also disappeared. Any ideas what's happened or how I might fix it? Cheers!