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  1. Okay got it. Just to be sure, I'm repeating what you've suggested. Connect my netduma to my modem using ethernet connection and then use a powerline adapter near my console. Will surely give it a go. And thank you for your replies Appreciated.
  2. Image of my router https://imgur.com/a/uniYPxB And speeds, to be very honest I am not after speed. I just want a smooth lag/stutter free gameplay. But I guess wifi extender is the reason why I cannot get a smooth gameplay. unfortunately the main router is about 20+ feet away from my setup, which is why I have to use an extender :/
  3. Okay, got it. Wifi extender is the issue. The cable connected to the router for Internet access is not a lan cable, its a totally different cable, which is why I am not able to connect Netduma direct to the ISP, instead I tried connecting Netduma via lan cable to the router which ended up in giving lower Up/Download speeds. i'll try and attach a pic of my router soon so you guys can have an idea, and provide me a solution if there is any.
  4. Hey there, hope everyone is doing great. I have this very annoying and weird type of problem to share. As the title says. I am having a ping from 25-30 and sometimes 30+ and the distance is from 500+-1000+ But still my gameplay is not smooth. Its like when ever i fire my gun my game slows down and more frustrating part is everytime a bullet hits my player, it becomes so hard for my player to move away, it feels as if it has gotten stuck there for a flip second in which it dies. Like i don't get a chance to react to a gun fight in a way that i could find a way to win it. And when ever i get into a gun fight my ping bar starts to fluctuate and it does it a lot. Couldn't find a way to attach photo, otherwise would've attached. If you need more details, please feel free to ask, cos i so want to get this sorted out. Ohh.. i guess i should add this bit to my post. My netduma is connected to a wifi extender instead of the main router or ISP it self. My ISP doesn't have wired connection anyways that could get connected on netduma. My ISP is comcast and they have a all in one type of router :/