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  1. Good idea and it would be nice to have the possibility to untick some ports to not prioritize them anymore
  2. Sometimes it could be the modem that is down. It could be good to have a script that reboot your internet if it detects no connection because it would not be possible from outside
  3. plb

    Bonne année

    Très bonne année de gaming les mecs
  4. Yes but do you think it detects/ prioritize downstream/incoming traffic too? I’m under the impression it could equally prioritize less important console traffic sometimes
  5. Very interesting IIIRL. You have made a rule for incoming traffic does that mean dumaos doesn’t prioritize incoming traffic in the dumaos classified games rule? Or that rule handle both incoming and outgoing traffic already ?
  6. plb

    Joyeuses fêtes de Noël

    Merci très bonnes fêtes à tous
  7. Your answer is unacceptable. These people want to use their router to play they bought it for this reason. It’s been a month since bo4 launch and all you have to do is refreshing your cloud even if it’s a bit every day with info these same people gather for you....
  8. plb

    VPN Users Required

    Me too. I have the xr500
  9. Yes what is the difficulty in testing to provide another option over hide my ass??? Seriously ???!!!! It’s clearly a commercial issue so stop lying to us for good
  10. I would take a big guess why the new firmware upgrade for the XR500 (VPN, ping assist...) is not (and will not be) available yet. With the new XR700 coming soon I think and it's entirely up to me that you don't have the permission to release it before launch of the new router. I say that because on the advertising they mention the new VPN feature as you can see on the image I took on Amazon. So it make sense that you release this firmware after October 19th and we have to wait more than 1 month again without any beta testing. If I'm right I d'ont understand why you're not telling us the whole story and if I'm wrong I would love to upgrade to the XR700 🙂
  11. My ping is stable at 20ms when i’m not downloading at the same time I will try to lower the sliders
  12. Too late I reset the router. It was saying : Rule not found in chain stack traceback The gameplay is better but i still have variations when i'm downloading
  13. Yes i have now an error on the interface with QOS i can't even reset. I haven't tried on the modem for now