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  1. should i use hyper threading for my pc and ps4?
  2. okay i have 30.9 down and 3.7 up and yes but it says congestion control is disabled due to super turbo mode
  3. okay i get the same but with a D bufferbloat rating instead of a B
  4. i did test on both pc and ps4 i have a gamin pc gtx 1080 16gb ram i7 7700k z270 a pro mobo i hooked old router and get correct speeds i dunno why its gotta be some configuration issue
  5. 20 mbps down and 2.1 up and yes i am i get 800 + down and 50+ up on my asus ac3100 router my could settings are all 1 it wont let me change them i am also confused on if i should use hyper traffic
  6. well im gettin slow speeds on pc and ps4 still they dont tell me specifics on those guides ive looked at them already
  7. the cloud settings and the lan and wan page are what i need help with
  8. okay ive done that part i had 900 and 50 put in with reactive setting turbo and super turbo both enabled i have upnp off and i opned ports that are on ps4s network guide
  9. sure and thanks what info do you need? i have np giving u any details that u need
  10. i need help setting up the router i just got it and my speeds are reallly slow i have the 1 gig down and 50 up internet package what info would u need fromm me?
  11. i need help configureing my r1 with my pc and ps4 plz