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  1. ip address may be set as static on wireless bridge router, or may conflict with existing ip disable wifi on your laptop/pc connect an Ethernet cable directly from laptop/pc to wireless bridge router lan port sign in to wireless bridge router and config it that way, set as wireless bridge mode, make sure to set DHCP on wireless bridge router for bridge/wan ip to use, or a static, up to you. if static make sure to reserve it on xr500
  2. xr500user

    Security Error

    are you sure it's not just because it's using a self-signed ssl certificate (still works, but not verified)? Is there an option when you see that message to go to Advanced, and Confirm security exception and proceed to the website anyway..? Same for chrome. If it's a real ssl cert it may have just expired (on the actual routerlogin.net domain) You could try and confirm the exception there, it may work. I tried this in Firefox a while back, it worked, but then it got stuck on https and always wanted to use https with that message when going to, I had to disable force https in firefox to get back into it without https. I previously reported that there is no option in the firmware to tick "Always use SSL connection for remote management" but firefox seems to always want to use ssl after you do it once. Popping a similar message. It would be nice to always use ssl, but without that message, but true ssl certs cost money, and it seems netgear doesn't want to spend for that, along with fixing all the issues that need to be addressed in a timely manner it seems
  3. xr500user

    Wifi Drops

    FYI You can also check your Wifi settings on the phones, in Settings, Wifi.. advanced options, show more.. At least that's where it is on Samsung phones .. One setting is "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep" I have mine set to "Never" to save power, so I do see the Wifi wake up and pop-off, but I want it set that way. When phone goes to sleep, it disconnects from Wifi to save battery juice and just goes to LTE - once you wake the phone with code or fingerprint it will jump back on the Wifi (if available).. May not be your issue, but worth a check - you can also tell it to not really look for Wifi as much to save power
  4. I checked, it's the same in both
  5. Nope not rebooting, uptime is many days. The longest I got with .32 is about 16 days before issues started. Log restarts (empty) as if cleared exactly the same time the router was first booted up a few days ago .. any other opinions? look at logs and see how far you can go back?
  6. xr500user

    Anti-Bufferbloat Question

    Don't forget "Share Excess" should be on by default, so even tho it looks like you limit everybody with the sliders, all connected devices can have all they can eat until there is a bottleneck situation and that's when those numbers in the wheel breakdown actually mean what they mean .. If you disable "Share Excess" then all devices get that limited amount of bandwidth all the time, and you can pick and choose who can eat and how much -- no matter the situation (not recommended unless you really know what you are doing or want this behavior) couple that with prioritizing packets over others you can really control what goes on with your bandwidth.
  7. Something I noticed.. Not sure if it's always done this, and maybe I just noticed .. but since .32 the Router Log has been resetting 24 hours from when the router was first booted.. Maybe in next release make it 48 hours or more - or better yet round robin? from the beginning of time until log space full.. Makes me suspicious someone is clearing my logs.. going through packet logs, so I would hope not.
  8. cool. They will fix it eventually.. I wonder if it flies if you toss it out the window, have you tested that yet I saw people talking about it being draft AX and slamming it, but as long as nothing major changes in the draft that requires a new chip it should be able to match final spec with firmware updates. Qualcomm chip seems better then Broadcom so thats a+ (8 x8 streams!) The R7000 was draft AC when it first came out, and now it's certified, works fine on AC -- maybe not as fast as the quad triple mimo mumu blah blah , but that wasn't out for a while after final..
  9. xr500user

    Xr500 Wifi

    also check anti buffer bloat .. those sliders limit the set bandwidth limits.. if you set manually 200/100 and sliders to 70% you see the bandwidth# to the right of it lowering, it will never allow full for some reason if no activity, if you set them to 100% or disable anti-bufferbloat you should get closer to what you set. I get better speed with QoS disabled (1 gb) when QoS is on, and the sliders lower - it slows stuff down to 750/750 to make sure you never buffer bloat and there is bandwidth to spare, that's how it kinda works. Sacrifice some of your total bandwidth for smoother network traffic .. Although Duma there is always room to improve QoS and Bufferbloat to detect no traffic .. maybe a watchdog if total bandwidth being currently used is 75% of totals then activate QoS and bufferbloat, but I'd assume a speed test would trigger this watchdog anyway, so a catch .22
  10. xr500user

    XR700 Dropped Packets

    You never really said what ISP you're using? Things I'd try.. First.. disable 60ghz radio if enabled, no need for it.. unless you use it.. I'm doubting that you do, so that may add to issues crashing the chip If Fios type, reset the NID, reset the modem if doing a double nat (not preferred), after everything is booted up, then turn on the XR700.. note if you power cycle the NID your IP may change If cable type .. reset the cable modem, turn on XR700 after modem booted Check if MAC may not be registered with ISP, try changing it to the XR500's MAC and see if it still occurs. If it's occurring on the dot like clockwork could be a MAC registration script on the ISP -- could give them a call to add it to their network as authorized or it may auto authorized after a while being on the network.
  11. I appreciate that, but with no real reason we are all left to speculate -- I will most likely never use it, so not a big deal to me -- but clearly there are those who want it and purchased specifically for it .. and I feel for them. And can only go on their actions ..
  12. I think this slipped through and nobody said anything, lol. Ok, I'll bite .. I would like to test this, hint hint ... Do you get to keep it after you test it? ... it was supposed to be released on the 21st of Oct. but got pushed back because of the XR700 -- it's the imperial fighter router.. NetDuma, please do not make an XR-AX6000 flavor of this, go right for the AX8000 -- too many models and they will all suffer as I've said in the past. If Duma flavor is supposed to be the best, it should be on the best -- The Nighthawk AX12 (hopefully the XR1000) -- I'll wait for it. That's your money maker. btw, this is the XR700 killer- before it even got out of the Amazon shipping department Holding back on Hybrid VPN didn't open the wallets, so give it to the XR500 people as promised and hopefully Netgear learned its lesson. Listen to me, skip the 6000.
  13. also just to be more clear, I'm not shifting just 1 device when moving cables, one cable swap from port 1 to 3 could shift 16+ devices (they are on switches and uplinks to other switches, APs, etc) and some of them are cisco business class 48+gbps switches, so not cheesy ones (except the one that died..it was on its way out anyway) .. so swapping a cable is like hello xr500 20 or more devices say hello at once on one port. so that is how it needs to be tested
  14. Hi Fraser, Just wanted to add to this so you can test some things in your test environment, I have a feeling it's a combination firmware / hardware (on the network) thing-- I ran into some issues with the .32 firmware on the XR500 ... .22 was solid for me. situation 1... We had a power outage, and one of my switches failed (it was the only one not on a protected UPS, lol -- and it was very old anyway, a junker just holding its own where it was and I forgot about it) but the symptoms slowly developed over a day or so -- any device connected to it showed "Wired network disconnected", "Wired network connected" back and forth.. saw this on the ps4, and a smart TV connected to it - basically anything connected to that switch in that zone. It started slowly, at first youtube wouldn't cast to the tv (wasn't on the list of choices) -- then the TV started complaining Wired network connected,disconnect,connected etc. .32 logs show many DHCP renewal requests in a row for the TV and PS4 that coincided with those messages -- as this was happening.. I swapped cables first, then finally the switch and all was good. For all I know switch is probably still good, just XR500 has an issue with it, bad blood, lol. The logs are showing what they should device seen, DHCP request, device gone, device seen DHCP request, device gone, and on and on.. I think the firmware currently running on both 500,700 really has a hard time dealing with situations when the conditions on the network are abnormal. I since replaced that switch with a better one, and everything is fine there now. But if you have a bad switch, or a bad cable, or a bad device on the network doing something not by the book it just has a hard time dealing with it. (xbox /ps4 sleep, network-wake for example) Other routers deal with these things better... but since .32 it's been very sensitive. I had no issues on .22 ... situation 2.. Just yesterday - I was doing network testing just to make sure everything was back up to par, and I noticed when I ping the XR500 w/ "ping -t" from a command prompt over a switch I get <1ms response time, but after a little while letting this run I see some spikes 39ms, 54ms, back to <1ms --and a few ""Request timed out." -- What? Request timed out to the router? but then right back to <1ms. I have a feeling this is something with the router firmware, because if I ping something outside on the Internet like google.com -t, netduma.com -t, -t, or -t -- it never ever does this, just consistent ping replies. Never a Request timed out, and no spikes. So makes me think something is up with .32 -- I think the router may be de-prioritizing it or suspecting a ping flood DDOS maybe? And another thing, as I was trying to diagnose this, I started moving cables around that were directly connected to the XR500. When you shift cables the firmware gets very touchy again.. I see many DHCP requests in a row from certain IP's (Extenders mostly). Not the normal DHCO renew requests, but like 5 in a row, sometimes more. I had to reboot the router and everything is back to normal. It's just very touchy when conditions aren't status quo.. So give that a try, ping your router either directly connected, or through a switch with a -t option for a while and see if you have a similar result? -- and swap around cables that are connected to it -- move port 1 to port 3, 3 to 4, etc. and watch if the firmware has a little bug out condition. xr500user
  15. I have an idea, How about Netgear spend some of that cash and hire Voxel? Even as a part time weekender he may be able to fix much more - much quicker. Start by updating all the packages and securing them all down. Routers aren't set it and forget it, they are your first line of defense after the WAN and need people like that so focused on keeping it locked down and secure at the first sign of a zero day. Netgear does support it indeed, but leaves a lot of their stuff outdated, and slow with updates it seems. Plus the games with the Hybrid VPN really annoy me -- not that obvious, lol. but where to go from here? Chinese hardware and software, or lesser known routers which are probably much worse in the security and functionality department..? It needs to be communicated they need to spend more attention to this. I don't mind a new firmware every week or two, if they are hard at work fixing stuff. The 3 months rotation is too long to leave a gaping hole open in the front door. Fine if they introduce a bug, as long as upgrading from prior version is fully tested so you can jump right to the next version a day or so later over night with minimal down time. Maybe options to Auto Update Firmware (yes/no), General 3 month release (yes/no), Cutting Edge (yes/no) options. Think about it.