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  1. Yes! Thank you! Its showing hosts and players now, much appreciated with the help Weird that it doesn't work otherwise
  2. Hey Fraser, Yeah, I am playing on PC and have both the profile and the correct computer selected and yet it still does not detect that destiny is being played. I know it's the correct computer because I have also got it to work for overwatch and pubg (just to see if servers would also show up) Cheers
  3. Hi Guys, I have been attmepting to setup geofilter and have followed all of the guides, namey the official guide: and others. I have no issues when setting up the geofilter for games like overwatch and pubg. However, when attempting to do anything for Destiny 2 it shows no icons indicating hosts, and filter range doesnt seem to have any affect. It seems as though the XR500 cant detect that the computer is playing destiny at all. Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated, cheers