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  1. PRO TEM


    Thank you both
  2. Are the XR500 amplied in the same way as Netgear's X8
  3. Hi There I noted that you have a model of the XR500 that has the ports misprinted in the wrong order 1234 instead of 4321 , this was a manufacturing error by netgear, who are fully aware. If you were to raise an RMA with netgear , assuming you purchased the unit as new, citing the misprint they should replace with a correctly designated unit
  4. PRO TEM


    Many thanks both, for your words of advice, sorry that i didnt reply sooner , as Wife was rushed to Hospital, so was otherwise occupied
  5. I may have asked this before , but can anyone advise on a robust password generator please. Also whem placing the XR500 , What is the main consideration ,in my case i want to place it on a 1.4m high bookcase in the middle of the hallway near the stairs, is that about right
  6. Can you use a different strength antenna , or do you have to stick with whats in the box. PRO TEM aka Whitmow (Fraser please PM me)