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  1. Perfectly, now the ping is more stable and I'm always between 40-45ms without lag spikes I was having before.
  2. Okay, I bought today a powerline adapter with mains passtrough. Now I just connect the powerline with the ethernet cable to the duma and the other directly to my ps4 right?
  3. Now is worst, I'm getting a high ping around 60-70 and when I play wireless I have a ping of 20-30ms.
  4. I already have a powerline adapter without mains passthrough, and I can't spend for a new one. Do you recommend me plug one adapter into a power strip and go to the netduma and the other in my room directly in to the wall socket and go to the ps4 or keeping playing wireless???
  5. Hello, I bought a Wi-Fi adapter that works by LAN cable, my question is if I can plug one into a power strip (because I do not have more free plugs) and plug the other in my room directly to an outlet, but I have read is worse being connected to a power strip and not directly to an outlet and will causes lag spikes. Thanks for the help.
  6. RehivaE

    Powerline adapter

    Hola, me he comprado un adaptador wifi que funcionan por cable lan, mi duda es si puedo enchufar uno a una regleta(extension lead) ya que no tengo mas enchufes libres y el otro en mi habitación directamente a un enchufe, ya que he leído que es peor que esté conectado a una regleta(extension lead) y no directamente a un enchufe. Gracias por la ayuda.