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  1. I’m having the same issue but with Wifi even if I have a good connection with full bars! Can you also PM me the Firmware that would fix this issue? I’m wondering why this fix hasn’t been released yet, most recent topics on this forum were all about the connection drops issue. Thank you
  2. Thanks for your reply. Yes you're right! I'm using auto ping and it shows me the ping to the host that I already denied even if I leave the game and wait for few minutes it still connects me to that same host that I denied and gave it a unique name! I don't think I'm playing on a server as we don't have servers for WW2 in middle east. I will try to take a screenshot when this happens! Thank you
  3. Thanks for you reply. I've read all the posts regarding bufferbloat in this forum including the one u posted but I never tried the ping plotter. I just did after you told me and I ran the test for 10 minutes with saturated download, video streaming and playing CoD WW2 at the same time. So here is the result! Does that mean my buffer-bloat is good in my case? Please let me know! https://imgur.com/tPwLldN Thank you
  4. Hello, I purchased the XR500 recently and I was so hyped because of the dumaOS. I like the performance of the router and the DumaOS features, but some features seem not working properly. First, the allow and deny seems not working because I live in middle east and we don't have a server over here for COD WW2. So we basically play on p2p. I set my GeoFilter radius to 800 km from my location. Some hosts cause me to lag badly so I denied many of them and gave them unique names. However, I play WW2 while my laptop is next to me monitoring DumaOS GeoFilter graph and ping graph. Even though I denied many hosts, the game still connects me to same bad hosts that I denied and gave them unique names. I can literally see DumaOS shows the unique name for the bad hosts that I denied and even if I leave the lobby and search for new one, it still puts me on the same one. Is there any fix for this issue? Also I'm having issues with anti-bufferbloat, I spend a whole week trying to get the best settings for bufferbloat on dslreports.com and I think I'm getting confused. I can't seems to get my bufferbloat to A+ with DumaOS whereas I used to get A+ on my previous router with QoS on. I played with the sliders day and night and if I remember correctly I got a score of A twice only but not anymore. I don't know why! I tried wireless and wired. I get A bufferbloat with wired but B or C on wireless. I've read alot about fixing bufferbloat on this forum but I can't seem to find the best solution for fixing my issue with bufferbloat. Here are things that I have tried: - updated to latest firmware - set anti-bufferbloat to Always - set sliders from 90% to 60% with increment of 5's - changed my real download and upload speed values manually. - disabled QoS ( I got very bad results) Any suggestions? Maybe Netgear + Netduma guys need to fix these issues on their next firmware update? Thank you