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    Help a newbie out

    So I tried the pin in the back (I work in IT so i'm good with trying to troubleshoot etc... So i've FTTP and have PPOE internet with a username and password... this is fed into the R1 but it keeps giving me 80mb out of my 1000mb.
  2. Hey all, i've just received me R1 from Netduma. I'm trying my bet to set it up but I think it might be faulty? SO when I plugged it into my ISP box and powered on. It went straight to the home screen and whatever setting I put in it won't take? What gives? So i've a 1gb internet connection down and 200mb up. I entered these into the device as 1000 and 200 respectively. The settings however just go back to 100 on up and down. I think that this is why i'm only getting 80mb both up and down? ISP details are correct and the only thing that is connected is my PC? The other weird thing that is happening is that my internet (through this R1) stops working altogether after about ten mins. I also can't factory reset the device as I click the option, it asks me to confirm and it does naff all? Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.