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  1. Sunaikinti

    Stream Portforwarding Help

    I have the same setup as Don. Only use one at a time. Forwarding, triggering, upnp, dmz. In game will show open, but a port checked will say closed. You can even turn all of them off and set nat filtering to open and the game will still show open. I've had netgears r7000, 7500, 7800. They all do the same thing. Put openwrt on and a port check will say open. Something screwy with the way netgear is handling nat imo.
  2. Sunaikinti

    Stream Portforwarding Help

    Port forwarding, port triggering, upnp, and dmz are not working correctly. Check it with a port open site and it always says closed no matter what. Netgear is to blame. Should of partnered with asus!
  3. Sunaikinti


    Settings/wan setup/ nat filtering. Set this to open.
  4. Sunaikinti


    All the forward features are screwy on this router. Port forwarding, port triggering, dmz, upnp. If I had to guess, they're all outdated. But this is on Netgear. For me, the best way to get an open nat is by these steps: Make sure sure you have open checked on the wan page. Next is no static ip for any devices. Only use upnp. Turn off everything. Once router is on, turn on pc and boot cod4.
  5. Happened to me, I had to reset modem with a paperclip. All good now!
  6. https://www.consumeraffairs.com/cable_tv/charter.html Looks like you're not the only one dissatisfied with their service. The walmart of cable! Lazy tech. All lines should run to outside weather proof box with one splitter. This is a homerun installation.
  7. Sounds like a mess! Make sure the tech puts a new moca filter outside. Do you have a weather proof box outside on your house? If not, make sure they put one on. Once the tech is finished, check your signals as removing splitters will make the signal even higher. The tech will have to adjust it at the node. Good luck! Let us know what happens.
  8. https://www.ppc-online.com/blog/moca-filters-your-cross-interference-issue-solved This is info on moca filters. Your filter looks like a moca filter to me. Like Zippy said, you need a line tech, not an installer.
  9. Cold weather = higher signal. If it fluctuates a lot between warm and cold it could be a bad wire or a bad fitting. Water will get in the wire and freeze. If the signal stays constant with weather change, it needs to be adjusted at the node by a tech. The filter should be placed before the first splitter, not on modem.
  10. Sunaikinti

    XR500 for PS4

    Take the static ip off the ps4 and do a hard shutdown the ps4. Set ps4 to auto on network. I noticed upnp doesn't work correctly with static ip. I bet this may fix your issues.
  11. I have xfinity with an arris sb8200. After investigating, the qos being used is called PIE. It is only activated on the upload. I simply over provisioned my upload speed at twice the speed that I am supposed to get and set the slider to 100%. Then I set the download with the right speed and slider to 66%. Mainly play bo4. KDR over last 10 games over 5.0. HC TDM last game 33-6. I have MOCA coupler outside where xfinity line connects to mine. Straight run to modem, no splits. Geo set in ocean, smallest radius. Use ping assist at 40ms.
  12. Sunaikinti

    My NAT experience

    The upnp in this firmware is like 15 years old. Netgear needs to update. Not likely going to happen.
  13. Sunaikinti

    Old UPNP? this device provided a valid device description via its UPnP URL. This description, viewable here, contains the following information about this gateway: Name: XR500 (Gateway) Manufacturer: NETGEAR, Inc. Manufacturer URL: http://www.netgear.com Model name: XR500 Nighthawk® Pro Gaming WiFi Model number: XR500 Model URL: http://www.netgear.com/npg/ Model Description: NETGEAR XR500 Nighthawk® Pro Gaming WiFi This device appears to run "XR500 UPnP/1.0 miniupnpd/1.0". This system may be vulnerable to CVE-2013-0230 Is this old? Something to worry about? Can we get it updated?
  14. Does the xr500 have CTF? If so, when I turn off the qos, does it turn on CTF? Or is it off all the time?
  15. Sunaikinti

    Beta firmware

    Then how about quicker hotfixes instead of waiting months for simple fixes like the static ip upnp issue?