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  1. I just thought I’d share some future suggestions. I feel that the xr500 is in a pretty decent spot now. I think some future features should include a fully functional mobile app, more access and control over features (ie a table to adjust hierarchy of qos devices, ability to set bandwidth allocation on specific devices while share excess amongst the rest), full ipv6 functionally, r app for speed tests that automatically picks optimum server and adjusts router to be in its fully optimized state for speed test (disable qos/bufferbloat/allocation parameters) without having to change settings on the router manually for every Speedtest (would also remove the issue of people testing over wifi) maybe an r-app that works like ping plotter to test line stability directly from router to ensure people aren’t testing over WiFi, a wifi signal/channel analyzer r-app that shows all the channels being used around you and your optimum WiFi channels to use, and an r-app or window in the geofilter that does both TCP and icmp traceroutes. Thanks for your time and support!
  2. Durty

    Xr500 needs improving

    Router is in a good spot right now. Maybe it’s time to start working on a fully functioning mobile app and ipv6 functionality. Maybe an r-app that does traceroutes, BOTH icmp and tcp to further help with diagnosing issues with connections.
  3. Sorry for the late reply. Had to factory reset again. Idk what I did wrong the first two times but it fixed the issue. It also fixs an issue with this update where the geo filter shows no activity.
  4. Durty

    Cod bo4 lag

    All this clip shows us is your poor aim and positioning. Every single death the other person shoots at you first while you are sprinting around in the open. No router is going to make up for bad gameplay.
  5. Orange internet light just flashes on the router.
  6. How do I revert to the older firmware? I’m tired of resetting my modem and router every 10 minutes. I seriously can’t get anything to load over WiFi. This is only been a problem since the update. Super frustrating.
  7. Xr500. And yes as I stated in the original post I factory reset twice.
  8. Ever since the update I have to reset my router everyday. I have factory reset (twice) as i do ever update. Also, everything is constantly buffering. Netflix, YouTube, webpages, you name it. My isp swears I should get my full 1000 mb download speed and the only limitations are my hardware. However when I run the test on the router, my download never goes over 500, rarely over 460. Im still unsure if my isp is providing me with subpar service or if there is a limitation on the router. I think my WiFi buffering issues are related to smart connect or 20/40 coexistence. Whenever I disable those features I get a lot less buffering and higher resolution. Thanks for your time!
  9. Do I leave strict mode on or off if i plan to use ping assist? I was thinking make the geo filter as small as possible and just using ping assist to find games. Will this work?
  10. Most people in the us will have ipv6. I get it in the middle of nowhere. It’s a must feature at this point. And if you play competitively and not just run around in tdm or dim it really matters as most people are playing on the best internet available in their area. This almost guarantees that the majority of people you play will have ipv6 in a competitive setting. Again, ipv6 functionality is a necessity at this point. You should not have any excuse for a 300 dollar, modern router that lacks ipv6 functionally, especially if it has the option for it in the settings.
  11. ...how can you sit here and say it gives no practical benefit? Yeah, modern technology, isps are switching to it because it does nothing. Who cares about NAT or anything, just keep using ipv4 until you die because this new ipv6 thing does nothing that’s why it’s new and being used. Are you serious? How is it not a bug that using one feature of the router makes it so another doesn’t work? Why put features on something if they don’t work? Maybe don’t push something out if it doesn’t work. Crazy right? Maybe things should function properly before they are sold for 300 dollars. Again, mind blowing stuff, i know. Get out of here with this.
  12. When can we expect iPv6 to function with bufferbloat? I think this should be at the top of the priority list along with ping assist and the vpn claims.
  13. I’ve tried many different settings and suggestions but for some reason I always have 2 bars on cod with late/terrible hit detection. When I bypass the router and use just the modem, my ping drops and i almost always have 3 bar connection with noticeably better hit reg. I really need help here.
  14. How come i have gigabit download speeds but my WiFi buffers videos every minute and plays back at 144p? This is ridiculous. I’m ten feet from my router. When will ipv6 work correctly with the qos?
  15. Durty

    4th XR500 features still crap

    Router sucks. Software sucks. Support is people telling you it’s not on their end. Awesome.