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  1. Most people in the us will have ipv6. I get it in the middle of nowhere. It’s a must feature at this point. And if you play competitively and not just run around in tdm or dim it really matters as most people are playing on the best internet available in their area. This almost guarantees that the majority of people you play will have ipv6 in a competitive setting. Again, ipv6 functionality is a necessity at this point. You should not have any excuse for a 300 dollar, modern router that lacks ipv6 functionally, especially if it has the option for it in the settings.
  2. ...how can you sit here and say it gives no practical benefit? Yeah, modern technology, isps are switching to it because it does nothing. Who cares about NAT or anything, just keep using ipv4 until you die because this new ipv6 thing does nothing that’s why it’s new and being used. Are you serious? How is it not a bug that using one feature of the router makes it so another doesn’t work? Why put features on something if they don’t work? Maybe don’t push something out if it doesn’t work. Crazy right? Maybe things should function properly before they are sold for 300 dollars. Again, mind blowing stuff, i know. Get out of here with this.
  3. When can we expect iPv6 to function with bufferbloat? I think this should be at the top of the priority list along with ping assist and the vpn claims.
  4. I’ve tried many different settings and suggestions but for some reason I always have 2 bars on cod with late/terrible hit detection. When I bypass the router and use just the modem, my ping drops and i almost always have 3 bar connection with noticeably better hit reg. I really need help here.
  5. How come i have gigabit download speeds but my WiFi buffers videos every minute and plays back at 144p? This is ridiculous. I’m ten feet from my router. When will ipv6 work correctly with the qos?
  6. Durty

    4th XR500 features still crap

    Router sucks. Software sucks. Support is people telling you it’s not on their end. Awesome.
  7. I am also wondering about this. My connection in cod/hit reg got much more inconsistent with the addition of this router. When I used the gateway my isp provided, my hit reg would be pretty smooth and I would almost never instadie. Now with a modem and xr500 I have many issues.
  8. Durty


    I’m starting to believe this is why i have intermittent disconnects every single day since purchase.
  9. Why do I have to reboot the router 10 times a day since I’ve purchased it? I have factory reset and reverted to old firmware countless times. Doesn’t matter what I do, I still have this problem. Can you guys not just monitor a router and see when this happens and fix whatever faulty issue this 300 dollar “gaming” router has? Shouldn’t a gaming router help with gaming instead of kicking you out of a game every hour?
  10. Durty


    My ISP recommends it but I know you guys are having issues with IPv6 working with QOS. I didnt know if you guys planned on fixing this issue in the near future.
  11. When will this router work with IPv6?
  12. Durty


    speedtest, dslreports, reverting back to old firmware, rebooting, factory resetting, unplugging, etc. It is the firmware just accept it. dont need 4 people who work for netduma to echochamber the same useless advice. LISTEN: before update ping is 62 after it is 80. reset game router etc multiple times. issue persists. this only goes away when i 1) revert to old firmware or 2) disable anti bufferbloat. Oh, you think qos and geofilter are exclusive dumaos options? are you guys really that daft? qos comes on almost every router out there. geo filter is useless because it doesnt connect you to the server you want, instead it just kicks you out of games 10 times in a row until you get lucky the server chooses you. wow incredible. cant imagine another company would offer such options. tell me again how your broke firmware cant even handle ipv6? thats what i thought. keep going though this is funny. maybe you guys could partner with another company that is too stupid to know that putting a sticker on the actual router and labeling the ports backwards is incredibly stupid and screams incompetence. but go on, keep telling me that all of your stuff is fine. real helpful. keep telling me that its the server/peers/isp faults my ping skyrockets only when im on this firmware. go on, its fun.
  13. This issue happens all the time. modem to router hardwired to xbox. Have to unplug the router 5 times a day. what is the cause of this issue?
  14. Durty


    But it was the firmware update. You guys always offer subpar troubleshooting. Telling me everything works fine for you does me no good. I’m done with the headaches. Returning this router today. Going to buy a router from an actual reputable company this time. Your only solution is factory reset and or reboot. Here’s the deal though: ping before update wasn’t great after the update it was far worse. Went and checked every way possible. It IS the firmware update causing the issues. Shouldn’t a gaming router help gaming instead of hurting it? Everyone on here doesn’t realize “gaming” routers are a rip off and a way to mark up a mediocre device because people will buy it. I just wanted a router with certain features that work. Thought I’d get it with this router.
  15. Durty


    After this update my base ping went up 25 milliseconds on Fortnite. Why are there so many issues with a 300 dollar router?