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  1. My only problem with this router and to be fair it is a giant one is the internet connection drops. However they seem to think its an issue with the XBOX and other devices with some instant on feature where by as far as I can tell I don't own an XBOX and I am unsure if any other device I have wired up has such a networking feature? I know the DBG firmware doesn't fix it. I know for a fact that the Fibre modem does not go down or lose sync the router just thinks the modem is disconnected when its not.
  2. Hi i am a new X500 owner in the UK. Is it possible I can have the beta firmware? I too seem to experience physically connected dropouts although I can still access LAN devices when this happens just no internet access but wireless works fine when this happens. So I think I'm experiencing the same issue here, I don't own a Xbox however. My setup. TalkTalk VDSL router acting as a VDSL modem in Bridge Mode > X500 > CAT6 > Netgear 6 port 1GB Switch upstairs > Desktop my NIC's speed & duplex in device manager is set to 1.0 Gbps Full Duplex