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  1. the higher the tick rate the better?
  2. Hey_ITsCam

    error in bo4 application

    i will be playing game and it will blue screen with the error code ce-34878-0(An error has occurred in the following application call of duty black ops 4. im just wondering if its because the game is digital or is something wrong with the game. when bo4 came out it did blue screed a couple of times when loading game and when finding a match online. i'm assuming it's there server but not sure. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this. i was also thinking it could be the way bo4 handles servers now and the geofilter is causing the problem because bo4 is not up to snuff yet. i did send report.
  3. Hey_ITsCam

    lost connection to host

    yep i change back and no problems
  4. Hey_ITsCam

    lost connection to host

    hey guys. im having trouble with connection issues. im suming its the host. but to find out if everything is good on my end. i need information on where my packets are showing to see if they are droping. On the original fireware on netduma r1 there was a spot where you can check that but i dont see it here on duma os.
  5. Hey_ITsCam

    not getting full speeds

    it could be i download the beta wrong or it didnt download right
  6. Hey_ITsCam

    not getting full speeds

    no, but speed test does not work. i knows this because brother downloading update to bo4 at around 67 to 87. i just bring my speed down it is now 100 down 10 up
  7. Hey_ITsCam

    not getting full speeds

    ipv4 dhcp 70
  8. im on duma os r1. i check my cables and the modem they are good. the modem itself is getting full speeds. but win i do a speed test on duma os r1 router im only getting around 120 to 140 down and up 31. i did follow the guide. i have discord if anyone wants to chat about it. https://discord.gg/9jpmhw
  9. Hey_ITsCam

    Black ops 4 maybe nat issue with party

    i mean party chat srry.
  10. Hey_ITsCam

    Black ops 4 maybe nat issue with party

    r1 duma os
  11. cant connect to party. im using duma os r1 using unp. it could be the people. please help what ports do i need. do i need to turn off unp and use port forwarding? my nat type in game is open and ps4 is type 2
  12. where where am i on the list please
  13. Hey_ITsCam

    Forza Horizion 4

    What is the best geo filter for forza horizion 4 and recommended settings?