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  1. I had withheld changing the network they were on because (if any of you are nest cameras owners you know this) I need to get my big ladder out and pop the cameras off to get to their barcode - a really annoying task considering where I've mounted these). I decided to remove the new router completely and revert to my previous one. I re-enabled both WiFi bands and made the network names match identically to what I named them on the XR500. Everything that was previously online came back, including the cameras. This way I could also ensure if it were interference from another device on the network it would still exist. Needless to say it's been over 24 hours and none of my cameras have disconnected. I was getting upwards of 5-10 disconnects per day with the XR500. I did the support call thing with Asus for the AC88U I purchased and the agent bricked my router within 10 minutes and I had to, on my own, use the flash recovery tool to bring it back to life. I decided to return the XR500 because I'm within my 30 days - I just don't have the time and patience to troubleshoot this. I know how these things go with manufacturers and support the majority of the time. Maybe when Netgear sorts this issue out I will consider coming back, but this is way too big of flaw in basic functionality for me to look past. Thanks for the help and suggestions!
  2. Another update - I unplugged the Google Home devices and about 6 hours later one of my cameras went offline for the regular 10-15 minutes or so once again. I tested the signal at each outdoor camera. One had a -60dBm signal strength and the other -65dBm. Both cameras were in the 200-300mbps down/150-250mpbs up speeds based on my phone tests beside the cameras. I got a notification as I got into bed that my one indoor camera went offline and when I checked it out it had a very slow glowing/flashing yellow light. After about 10 minutes it clicked and the reboot/blue LEDs kicked in and it started up again. I wanted to mention again that these 3 cameras were einstalled over a year ago and never once had an issue. This started happening the day I got the new router last week so there is a very high probability it is the router. I will test the 2.4GHz band tomorrow, although this isn't a viable option for a $300 router. I purchased the Asus AC88u router before this one and the 5GHz band died after 2 days which apparently isn't uncommon for that high end router... maybe basic functionality in routers are an oversight in the engineering and design process these days :/
  3. I haven't no but was considering this as a next step, although that in itself is enough of a concern for me to return this router. My bundled router from AT&T maintains a connection for my Nest cameras on the 5GHz band and never cuts out. This router is *supposed* to be a giant leap forward/upgrade but I can't sacrifice signal strength (a primary function) for nice-to-have features. My cameras tell me when they're offline, but who knows what other devices may be losing connections. One other thing I'm going to try is disconnecting my Google Home devices and see if they are causing interference since I know that's a known issue in general.
  4. I've disabled the SIP setting, set static IPs for the cameras, run through the posted Nest troubleshooting and today I ran a wifi analyzer and moved the 5GHz band to a non-DFS channel that no surrounding networks are using. I'm still have my two outdoor cameras randomly disconnecting occasionally. They didn't do this with my previous router and my indoor camera hasn't been affected so far.
  5. Did you ever find a resolution to this issue? I've upgraded from an AT&T fiber router to a XR500 and I'm experiencing the same issues with one of my nest cameras. Before switching routers I never experienced this issue. I haven't adjusted any settings on the interface yet.