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  1. Damiencoventry

    Psn cant connect

    1.03.6g rb_951g_2hnd.im not sure what to do ?
  2. Damiencoventry

    Psn cant connect

    just tried them settings no luc, guess its faulty can u guys please remotely access my net duma and test it ?
  3. Damiencoventry

    Psn cant connect

    i get full speeds from my bthub ,i ordered it off ebay hopefully il be able to send it
  4. Damiencoventry

    Psn cant connect

    hiya,ive had the net duma for a couple of days now.ive not done pppoe on the net duma,not sure what you mean by ppoe on the bt hub,i did a factory rest of the bt hub but still not sometime it connects to psn by wifi only but the speeds are slow maily the upload,is it possible u guys can check my net duma pleas, to see if theres any faults ,then at least il know if its just down to incorrect configuration
  5. Damiencoventry

    Psn cant connect

    failing over wifi now to psn it seems to work a few times doing the psn test then it starts to fail again.the upload is always around 18kbps maybe thats to slow and thats why i cant get on to psn so maybe somethings making my upload super slow?
  6. Damiencoventry

    Psn cant connect

    hiya.my setups all wired from bt to netduma.ive managed to get on psn by using the net duma wifi ive done this test multiple times and it works..so its just wired thats not allowing me to connect to psn,my download after multiple tests is 35 megs however the upload is 17.5 kbps on bt my speeds are 50 up 14 down.ok tried wired from laptop using ethernet slot 2 and 3 and internet is so slow its just does not load the page ,so iunplugged ethernet and wif works and the page loads,also tried different ethernet cables no luck,i have ethernet from my bt to duma via ppoe ,then slot 2 being used for ethernet from duma to console/laptop .appreciate your help?.on what to do next. thanks
  7. Hi guys just got my netduma today cant connect to psn also getting 50kbps on ps4 speed test internet keeps going off and on to my laptop.at first it worked played one game on bo3 now really confused i have bt .and i also have tplink router not sure wether to go bt router to netduma or tplink router to net duma?.is it possible my netduma is faulty?