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  1. I upgraded, I notice I only get the (unnamed device) in the device manager should i downgrade?
  2. Thank you for getting back to me so soon, i will wait for future updates and hopefully, this will be implemented. Thanks again
  3. Ok so I'm getting into tinkering with my shiny XR500. so before i had my system all set up fine with my old Modem and router, i could wake the system up over lan and the internet without issues. I have managed to setup the router and my computer to wake over LAN but for the Life of me, I cannot get it to wake over the Internet like I did before. I have port forwarded the UDP port and its open--- Tick Obviously configured the Bios for WOL--Tick Configured the Ethernet adaptors to wake on Lan and to respond to ARP requests and NS request when off--- Tick When the computer turns off and within say 10 seconds I send a magic packet to my system over 4G machine wakes if I leave it, say 10 minutes nothing happens. I think its the ARP table that's being flushed is there any way to inject static ARP entry? Sorry for the long-winded question but this really annoying. As i said i had it working on my old TP-Link W1043 running Gargoyle. any help is appreciated. Cheers
  4. Thank you very much did a factory reset and all is good, I love this thing. Many thanks for your help Fraser.
  5. Thanks for replying so quickly and the welcome, Please see the images attached, I leave the geofilter selected and it just repeats the same message. https://imgur.com/24XG6DL https://imgur.com/yJEqKCf I can leave it for ten minutes and nothing will show, this seems only for the geofilter
  6. So purchased this beautiful Router yesterday, after a while realised that my modem needed to be in bridge mode for it to work. after that was sorted the only issue I'm having before I adventure out into tweaking is that the Geofilter is not showing any information and times out asking to retry.