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  1. kennyp

    VPN Users Required

    Hi, I'd be interested in helping you out. Do you use the VPN Hybrid feature on the original R1 firmware? Yes What VPN Provider do you use? Express VPN Thanks Kenny
  2. kennyp

    Wifi disconnects

    Hi Jack Sorry for the delayed reply. I've checked out the guide, first thing I've tried. It seem's be be Windows 10 devices. My iOS devices do not disconnect. I have tried a few channels but still have the same effect. The router is unobstructed. I'm inclined to think it's W10 related.
  3. Hi guys. I have an issue where 2 Windows 10 devices in my house will constantly drop the connect to the R1. I have changed channel. Enabled the WiFi work-around and disabled the WiFi work-around and it is still happening. There are no other wireless devices. Very frustrating when you are trying to download something. Any ideas?
  4. Hey guys, More of a question rather than support. I have my filter set to UK only and ping assist at 38ms. My ping to UK COD servers is around a steady 25ms and I can killl/feel like i have a fair game 8/10 times. Assuming my virgin connection ping was better, would this lower my ping to the UK COD servers? I understand that ping is king and the lower the better but my question is, What does a pingplotter test actually do as we can't test our ping to those COD servers without the NetDuma, surely this isn't a fair way of testing? Can anyone please explain. Cheers Kenny
  5. kennyp

    HMA VPN issues

    Thanks Frazer! Worked a treat. Please mark thread as closed.
  6. Hey guys, having an issue when trying to connect the R1 to the HMA service, i add my username and PW, select my server and hit apply, nothing ever connects. can someone help? Thanks Kenny
  7. Hi Do you know if the R1 is comptiabile with EE wifi calling? It seems every time i'm connected to the WIFI via the R1 I cannot make calls until i disconnect from it.
  8. So, after much complaining to VM, i was finally moved over to the 350MB service, as you can see here My Broadband Ping my BQM is showing the SH3 before the upgrade at 2pm! Spikes are significantly lower! Now to get home and test!
  9. Hi All I'm well aware of the superhub 3 issues with the puma 6 chip and no fix in sight from VM's side of things. I've just watched a video that Sim has done a few months ago on how to get the best bufferbloat score by lowering the sliders. I've done this on reactive and my sliders got an A at 40% for both upload and download. Can anyone tell me if this will actually improve my gaming speed as a result despite the SH3's flaws? Using the internet diagnostics settings on the R1 turned back pretty back results for ping spikes etc. Thanks Kenny
  10. Hi All What are the recommended settings for COD WW2? Radius of 1000km and 0 ping with strict mode enabled? If someone could clarify that would be great. Thanks Kenny
  11. Turns out UPNP isnt working and manually forwarding ports did the trick for both of us
  12. I have tried this, still having issues, the other person with an R1 has turned off geo filter, we cant even connect to each other on xbox live party.
  13. I've tried this and I'm not getting the red circle in order for me to add them. Do you know if in Call of Duty I need to go to Custom Match and invite them in? The issue I'm having is, im sending the invite with the geo-filter turned off and 1 person can't join me because they also have an R1. Do they need to turn off the Geo-Filter too? Weirdly, we can both join a person that doesn't use an R1 but then they can't migrate the host to one of us because we "don't have the correct network configuration" or something like that.
  14. Hi All I'm a new R1 user (today). I'm having issues with friends trying to join me, I've tried to invite them into a lobby on CoD WW2 but im not seeing any circles on the map to add them. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I can get into an Xbox Live Chat party OK, it's just when they try to join my lobby. Also 1 of the users also has an R1too. Do I need to go into a "private" match and invite them in, or can I use the public match lobby and invite them? Thanks Kenny
  15. kennyp

    Hi All

    Hi All Thanks for the welcome Hi BD, So the R1 arrived this afternoon, i've placed the SuperHub into Modem Mode and connected up all fine. I've read on the forum that the recommended setting for CoD WW2 is around 800-1000km, strict mode enabled and Ping Assist to 0ms. Can you clarify what setting these to actually does? Thanks Kenny