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  1. My set-up with Destiny 2 is Filter Mode enabled never go Strict Mode you will get booted all the time and will make playing PVP very unstable. I use geo filtering with good luck finding local players and dont have too much laggy games.
  2. So true. In strict mode you will be disconnected out of games etc. I play Destiny2 on Xbox and have tried just about everything this router has to offer to make Destiny2 PVP experience better. Remember the P2P experience that Destiny netcode gives us is frustrating at best and the DumaOS does a good job of helping us. I have been back and fourth with using ping assist and geo-filtering I really like to have both options. I am doing a bunch of competitive PVP right now and the geo-filter has been rock solid for me to help weed out the sweaty players and 4 stacks
  3. Sounds like my experience with Destiny 2 and Destiny 1 also. The P2P hybrid setup Destiny uses feels sluggish in most of my PVP games and in competitive it feels worse.
  4. It even calls out Destiny 2 by name in the geo filter online guide. Thanks Destiny lol
  5. I play destiny 2 everyday via xbox x and I can say its very difficult to have a consistent game play with regards to hit registration etc. I play PVP pretty much 90% of the time and have noticed lag in certain game modes more than others like iron banner for example. P2P and Destiny make it very difficult to have consistent game play in PVP.
  6. I never installed the firmware for drops on purpose since I was trying to determine root cause. I was able to get mine stable without using it and am waiting for the new firmware with all those fixes bundled together. I have observed the DHCP and CPU spikes but was just holding out for new firmware.
  7. This is what I reported after a few hours of owning my router. My logs always indicated DHCP lease renewals and then my connections would drop.
  8. From the console perspective I still had issues with Iron banner this past week. I get an A for bufferbloat but still Destiny 2 is a bit laggy not that the in game is lagging that I can see really its the hit detection that I notice the most. Destiny PVP is not consistent for me and I believe its just the P2P cloud set-up they have now. I do like the Geo-filter and for me it does help and have improved the PVP.
  9. Bmann


    I have owned both the CM 1000 and Arris 8200 and for me not having gigabit services it was overkill for me. I was hoping they would have an advantage over the other 3.0 routers with new built-in features. In my case they were more unreliable than the 3.0 versions. So right now I have the Netgear CM600 and its very stable and I don't see any errors in the logs like I saw with the Arris 8200 plus it ran hot and used a pc fan to keep it cool.
  10. Mine went offline 2 times while I was onb vacation and a hard reset fixed my issues since I was gone and had to walk someone on how to reboot my stuff. Upon review I noticed my IP has changed and my download channels and upload channels on my cable modem has increased. So this maybe an ISP issue and will monitor this to see if it happens again this week.
  11. welcome to the disconnect club We have all been hard at it to figure out this bug and have all put out good information in these posts just look over it and see what works for you. I would be curious if you have the correct time zone set on your router?
  12. Mine has been stable for almost a week now with no disconnects while playing Xbox. Many of my disconnects were actually happening while playing Xbox and while in idle mode it seemed totally random. My wired ports and wifi have been stable. As I have mentioned before the frequency of the DHCP lease requests in the logs were always preceding a failed event so I was trying many things to determine what could be causing this. After reading many Netgear forums about various issues with previous Nighhawk routers I found a bunch of different things to try to see if it would solve this issue. Making these changes could be just a placebo effect that I may be stepping around a bug in the Netgear hardware or I have suppressed it with my combination of changes I made. Changes below. Removed Arris 8200 and replacing it with a Netgear CM600 in my case Docsis 3.1 was overkill for me. This change made the frequency of dropouts lessen. Unchecked "Smart Connect" in WIFI Disabled 5GHz Xbox enabled Instant-On (For me this seems to make the Xbox disconnects go away I know this is opposite of what Xbox says to do but I read on the forums that previous Nighhawks were fixed by enabling this) NTP time zone would not set to the correct time zone even after multiple reboots and after a factory reset. I went to the content filtering section and manually set my time zone. This was my last change and I think this may have been the issue. It seems the DHCP request frequency has dropped off since setting the correct time zone has been set.
  13. Bmann, on 02 May 2018 - 9:22 PM, said: I don't think that would affect the Destiny connection, that would be an Xbox issue if anything or Destiny having some online issues. I would agree with that but never had these issues until I installed the Netgear. This might just be a symptom of the random disconnects from hardwired and wifi connections and i know that its the Netgear that is causing this since I can unplug the router from the equation and go direct from cable modem to PC and no issues at all and even running ping etc against the cable modem and its very stable with no spikes. I have replaced cables going from CAT6 to CAT5e from router to Xbox and IP has always been static. The frequency in the logs to me indicate that it is aggressive in its DHCP frequency and I cannot change this just to see if it has any effect. I have also disabled 5G wifi and disabled smart connect doing this it seems to have made it crash less. Could be all placebo effect though.
  14. I just switched my Xbox over to "instant on" it was in power save mode probably due to an update changing my settings. I was loosing internet connection from the idle Destiny screen while in orbit but the xbox was still online. still troubleshooting disconnects issues on the Router itself.