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  1. Thanks for the hasty reply! So I ran the pingplotter test with different targets, this was with the XR500 connected. Each test was about ~10 min. I did check the upstream levels for my modem just to make sure and it was at optimal levels. Not too sure what to make of it. Though I do run only 150mb DL and considering how many devices I have it could very well be that, but again not too positive on that,
  2. Hi So my brother & I both use our consoles (ps4) simultaneously. He plays SFV and I play R6 Siege; every time we do so one of us lags and the other has decent ping (in siege I get around 20-30 ping [there are ping spikes that make it difficult to play]) I understand SFV uses P2P, but it's also noticeable when streaming video. The quality goes down briefly, but then goes back up and this happens many times. Just wondering what could I possibly do to get far more consistency with the connection. The anti-buffer is at 65/65 both our consoles are prioritized geo-filter is set to spectate for him and filter for myself UPnP is on Static ips etc... Perhaps it's something else. Anyway thanks!